Sony: We're ahead of Xbox 360 in Europe

Sony has moved to dispel Microsoft claims that Xbox is outselling the PS3 in Europe, revealing internal figures that say its console has sold 300,000 more units than Xbox 360 in PAL territories.

And the company doesn't feel it has to follow Microsoft and further ignite consumer interest with a price cut of its own anytime soon.

SCEE president David Reeves told MCV that Sony will remain focused on the value offered by the PS3 and its extra functions and services – at its current £299 SRP.

"No we are not going to go down in price; neither are we going to go down in price on PS3 in spring time either. Absolutely not, whatever you might have heard to the contrary,"

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Nathan Drake3696d ago

Alright Microsoft,Sony have shown their numbers;Now it's your turn.

Stryfeno23696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Please, I rather get their numbers from a reliable market watch source...These 2 companies have a history of lies.

Xbox Street Gang3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Like vgcharts with a z..?

Good job. You'll be an analyst in no time now.

Harry1903696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

that guy/gal above me has one of the coolest and most imaginative avatars and username on N4G. Kudos to you. Creativity always wins in my book.


Stryfeno23696d ago

Just like a true loyal sheep believing everything Sony says. I do not trust this douche bag Reeves. He said PS HOME will be released in 2008 and we only have 3 more weeks until 09. Let see how he gets out of this one.


earwax3696d ago

That's all I need to read..........Sony = Phony. Show the figures.

ultimolu3696d ago

December 31st.

Sony would be f*cking jackasses to delay this again. Then I'd have to agree with 360 fanboys that the PS3 is the Delaystation.

IzKyD13313696d ago

You guys hate Sony that much?
I wouldn't be surprised if you guys decide not to see a movie just because it's made by Colombia pictures

XxZxX3696d ago

they are microsoft b*tches, that's why.

ps3Owns3603696d ago

fist it takes time ,home will have millions of people meaning they will have to create a big interactive world.and sony takes time for their work they dont ship it out quick with bugs and lagg like microsoft,or any kind a problem .they want a perfect game.the game is almost here! at 100%.not like gears 2 that still has lagg,bugs,still has weapon slide,and long dont rush their games like microsoft for fast $$.home willl be crazy!!.so as ps3 09 lineup

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butterfinger3696d ago

300,000 is a pretty large gap to lie about. Perhaps Sony is ahead in Europe? Meh, I don't really care either way.

Fishy Fingers3696d ago

I have as much interest in sales figures as most gamers I guess, but all the bickering that goes hand in hand with sales statistics is beyond me. I'm not overly concerned with which cooperation sold more. I gain nothing from it either way.

Xbox Street Gang3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

People always say that they don't care but if you're invested in a console... of course you should care.

Market share= more games, sales etc. Look at what SE is doing with their ips. Companies are more comfortable doing business with one console if it means less dev time, less investment and generates more profit.

Sony also knows better not to even hint at a price cut this early.

facepalm3696d ago

Microsoft: "We're ahead!!"
Sony: "No, we're ahead!!!"
Microsoft: "NO! we're AHEAD!!!!"
Sony: "NO!! WE'RE AHEAD!!!!!"

::Nintendo watches from a distance::

Nintendo: "What about me guys..."

Tony P3696d ago

Haha. There's a bubble in your future.

I'm a little tired of the constant pissing match tbh.

TheTwelve3696d ago

Unless you have the money/time to buy all three consoles, you should care about sales because publishers tend to make games for the consoles that sell.

Should you care so much for it that you lose sleep over it? Nah. It's just fun for me at this point.


SL1M DADDY3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

At this late in the game, developers are making games for all three since all three have come close to or surpassed the 20 million consoles sold mark. That being said, the markets for all three consoles are attractive to developers, especially considering that with 99% of the games released, to sell a million copies of said games makes up for and surpasses the expenses to make the game. You all have to know that for any game to hit 1 million sold is a huge land mark still and is what most developers shoot for in the life of a title.

mint royale3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

I don't trust him as far as I can throw him with his previous comments down the years.

'ps3 is tracking about the same as the ps2'. -- No its not, according to sony themselves in their financials. PS3 at their last financials were at just over 16 million sold whilst ps2 at the same point in its life was at over 24 million.

Having said that I don't trust Microsoft pr either with that idiot Greenburg.

The reality in Europe is they are probably even as they are both claiming to be ever so slightly ahead of each other.

However i'm impressed with neither of their numbers. Call me when they start comparing their numbers to nintendo's then we'll know their doing well.


There are some actual euro numbers for novermeber from an independent tracker and not from Microsoft's and SOny's phony biased numbers.

My interpretation of it is Sony had a big lead in Europe until recently and now MS is clawing it back but Sony is still ahead. MS has never said they've passed Sony in total install base yet (knowing MS they would have shouted this from the rooftops) but they are getting very close. There are outselling the ps3 in Europe quite heavily every week at this price with this economy so that 300,000 number that Reeves is quoting is almost certainly outdated now anyway.

If you disagree tell me why!

IdleLeeSiuLung3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

They are both prbably correct, since PAL territories only includes Australia, New Zealand and specific European countries. While MS is stating just for the entire Europe. If you are picking countries, you can spin data anyway you want.

The numbers will decide in about 1-2 weeks, but with the price drop it is expecting that MS will pull ahead. If it doesn't, they will end up third place again.

In this war, I would say it is a win for MS for increased brand recognition and profitable entertainment division (barring the RROD loss). Sony was at the peak and at this point can only loose, even if it becomes the dominant console. It's potential market is shrinking due to Wii and Xbox share.

Aquanox3696d ago

Both consoles are pretty much even in Europe. Perhaps Sony was a bit ahead until October, but it seems that the Xbox 360 has experienced a huge boost in that territory in November. This might have cut the gap from the root.

The interesting thing is, Sony isn't really saying "We're ahead in Europe"...

They are actually saying "Microsoft still hasn't surpassed us". Remember that both companies tied at around June 2008 and Sony surpassed the 360 from there. After the price cut, the Xbox 360 recovered stamina and IF they didn't catch up with Sony at the end of October, they surely will by November results and even should increase the gap by December.

DaTruth3696d ago

This is not for the year this is lifetime. This year Sony is crushing MS, but in lifetime sales, of which MS had a year head start, it is close and Sony only passed them a few months ago so with the fire sale MS would easily catch up.

wallace10003696d ago

Well said facepalm. It is funny how it is always microsoft and sony bickering back and forth.

Saint Sony3696d ago

But the fact is that MS has sold more 360's in Europa than Sony and Sony has sold more PS3's in Europa than MS ;)

gaffyh3696d ago

Either one of them is lying or (and I think I read this somewhere a while ago) Sony include Middle East numbers with Europe or "PAL" territories because they aren't big enough to have their own territory.

@mint royale - there are no actual numbers in that article. MS never provides any sales numbers to back up their claims. One of the few reasons why I wouldn't trust them too much (they also said 360 was leading PS3 in Europe months ago, were they back then? or were they lying?).

XxZxX3696d ago

somebody is lying, and there is no real whole europe numbers. We really don't know. If you have a site for proof, your site might be lying too...Who know what's up in there. One second Microsoft cheers for victory, then sony said ya right. Ain't the message is clear, they all sells. Screw those MS people keep wanna compare how much they sell.
Screw this insecure FUD people. Sony is doing OK.

pathetic fanboys3696d ago

but it's shocking that the mighty playstation brand has only managed 300k more ytd than the rrod, disc scratching, gimped technology, payed for on-line console.. truly shocking. even with the hefty price tag, i expected the sheep to be buying alot more.

it looks like all those 3x a week rrod, why pay for live, disc scratching threads on n4g have failed to stop people buying 360s. i know it's been a valiant effort from the sdf, and sony must be proud of your hardwork. but it's failed...sorry.

gaffyh3696d ago

@Pathetic fanboys - you forgot to mention that the 360 had a 1 year lead on PS3 and is cheaper than the Wii in some areas of Europe, and not just a little, A LOT cheaper.

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Antan3696d ago

Everything is pointing to Sony making 2009 a year to remember! Going from this article, they are still losing money on the PS3 but i would guess not a great deal if they expect to hit the break even point next year. KZ2 is obviously the start point, and boy WHAT a starting point!

Darkseider3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Sony has been breaking even or even possibly profiting on the PS3 since early 2008. There is an article on Gizmondo, which I am too lazy to find, that was published in Jan. 2008 that stated they were at or near break even on the PS3 then. I can only imagine over the course of 2008 that they have hit the break even or even hit the profitability mark. Granted it may not be a big number, maybe $2 or $3 a console, but in any case it is still profit.


I overcame my lazy streak. Link above.

Antan3696d ago

Use the Gizmondo link with no Sony quotes or use this quote from Sonys mouth dated today?

“Next year we are probably going to be a little bit more aggressive when we reach the break-even point.”

mint royale3696d ago

is that fanboy wishful thinking or what?

Sony have stated many times they aim to break even on the ps3 next year and their financials confirm this as the ps2 and psp profits help to cover teh ps3 losses. If the ps3 has been profitable for nearly a year it would have seen a pricecut by now.

lsujester3696d ago

That article he is thinking might be the one that came out where they gave an updated cost estimate of the PS3. It was around 400 dollars, which could be mistaken for them at least breaking even on every PS3. But the problem with many people's reaction from that article was that they weren't considering all the OTHER costs, which include paying other companies for manufacturing, shipping all these systems worldwide, the declining value of US currency vs the yen, etc.

Economics is... complicated. Which is why we aren't seeing Sony cut prices, because they actually need to try to make a little money if they can.

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Harry1903696d ago

But I would like to hear less about sales figures today and more about Killzone 2 please.

Btw, I saw PP and POG at Gamestop buying PS3s and they were pre ordering Killzone 2.

That explains why we don't see POG anymore...

solidjun53696d ago

you saw those two?( or one depending if my assumption that they are the same are true).

You know how they look like? LOL

Harry1903696d ago

only an attempt at humour. I was not being serious but I swear that this is entirely plausible.

solidjun53696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

I know you were. I tried to convey that by putting "LOL".


Aclay3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

A 300,000 sales gap may not be that much to brag about, but when the PS3 is like double the price of the Xbox 360 in Europe and when the 360 has already seen 2 Price cuts in the territory in this year alone, the PS3 is doing pretty well over there and whenever Sony does drop the price in 2009, that gap will only get bigger in Europe.

It seems like a price cut may not be coming in March 09' after reading this...but it's not like Sony would announce a price cut this early anyways.... But since Reeves said that the PS3 business model was much different, it's making me think more and more that a PS3 price cut won't be coming in March after all.... Oh well, as long as I get my 2009 exclusives I'm happy.

Why o why3696d ago

i honestly thought it would be more though. Either way it shows sony's strength in Europe. Over a year head start and BAM. As you can see NA is not enough to think your winning a thing. IF/when sony do lower the price id expect the same accelerated growth the 360 has now if not better.

Sitdown3696d ago

you can spin it for Microsoft. With no where near the brand recognition in video gaming as Sony and troubles with the RROD the underdog is still hanging with Sony...........see how that works?

prowiew3696d ago

the problem is that for every day that sony dont make a price cut they could be losing a customer. Simple economic strategy. They should drop the price already.

lsujester3696d ago

And dropping the price on PS3's to where they are further lower than it what it costs to manufacture them costs Sony a bunch of money for every customer they earn.

Buy low, sell high. Simple economic strategy. They can't drop it just yet or they already would have.

prowiew3696d ago

Good point. Seems my strategy sucks

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