GiN Review: Dead Space

James Maddox writes:

"After the let down that was Silent Hill: Homecoming, I was on the lookout for a game to fill both the depressing void in my soul and the number of days I had set aside to devote to a total horror survival experience. At first, I thought my options were limited to the PS3 release of Bioshock (more on that at a later date, I suspect), but when I started hearing about Dead Space, the suspicion that my title had been found started to emerge.

In Dead Space, you are Isaac Clarke, an engineer sent along with a repair squad to fix up the Ishimura, a busted Planet Cracker spaceship posted in the far reaches of space. Isaac's girl Nicole is stationed on the Ishimura, so as far as he's concerned, the job will be part work and part loving reunion, which would be a wonderful start for a futuristic romantic comedy.

Unfortunately, the box to Dead Space has a severed limb floating on the backdrop of a wrecked spaceship and a vast, starry abyss, so happy reunion was the last thing the EA Redwood Shores team had on their minds."

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