Batman Arkham City Update 1.03 Grapples Out to Fix PS5 Compatibility

Same like Batman, Rocksteady has seemingly released the Batman Arkham City update 1.03 March 24 patch out of the blue!

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TGGJustin46d ago

What a bummer. Was really hoping it was going to remove that FPS cap but all it does is fix some visual bugs the game had when played on PS5. Still got to play it without patches to get that 60fps.

darthv7246d ago (Edited 46d ago )

this is a game that could benefit from an FPS boost type of feature on the hardware, if the dev cant make a proper patch. Same with arkham knight.

gamesftw25046d ago

I'm surprised FPS caps are still a thing with next gen...

excaliburps46d ago

I think most people assumed they'd remove the cap for frames as well. Weird they didn't and released a patch.