Activision: CoD Modern Warfare 2 reports 'speculative'

Overnight reports from the US that mega-publisher Activision Blizzard will release new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk titles next year are "speculative", the company has told

Last night MTV Multiplayer reported that Activision Blizzard confirmed a string of new game titles at a Massive Inc. upfront - an event where publishers showcase their line-up to advertisers.

Games rolled out hoping to secure in-game advertising included Guitar Hero 5 and a new Tony Hawk complete with all-new controller-less gameplay (you won't be holding a standard controller in your hands) with a release set for October 2009 on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and DS.

Activision also confirmed a new title in the Call of Duty franchise, with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 due for release in the autumn of 09.

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Harry1903694d ago

COD won't impress anyone anymore. I know I am going to get killed for this, but seriously, what's the big deal with COD4? It's not really that good.

_Q_3694d ago

Go back to the forums LOL
I think AB shouldve done this before just made it a separate franchise in the first place

lociefer3694d ago

this time when they release cod6 , they should wait a lil longer than the time between 5 - 6 to release a new cod