Marvel's Avengers tested on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles

A Stark difference?

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Deathdeliverer732d ago

I talked about this on another thread for another game. This is just more porting and adding textures and effects on top of a framework that was built for last gen and NOT a true upgrade. That’s why PS5 is stuck in checkerboarding and series X is stuck with One Xs solutions. One X was more powerful than Pro so it will have graphics geared to that. The games both look like polished turds of varying levels because Series X and PS5 should be far and away clear leaders. I’ll say it again, why digital foundry hasn’t figured this out yet and it’s still “curious” to them is beyond me. They really make it sound like these systems are struggling with this stuff when the games are NOT optimized for the system. Some parts are easy, loading process to take advantage of the SSD? Sure. Reworking the resolution (remember, this isn’t a PC. It isn’t just a slider. Everything has to be programmed a certain way with certain trade offs to ensure a maximized efficient performance. On PC they don’t know what users will have so they make things to fit in a range, then add sliders to adjust performance) That takes work devs aren’t willing to do on a unknown return. Wake me up when the real PS5, Series X games come out. At the very least, last gen games that were developed at the SAME TIME as the current gen so they can maximize as they go and won’t have to back track.