That Time We Saw Mario’s “Member” in a Comic Book

Welcome to another Wednesday and another entry in "That Time".

Mario is a dirty man, and his antics know no bounds. This is that time we all saw Mario's "member" in a Japanese comic book in 1988.

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Jeriphro52d ago

More than waxes. He's not packing a whole lot down there either. haha

ZeekQuattro52d ago

I guess Japan was big on showing someone's junk in the 80s for some reason. Dragonball and even Z for a time were notorious for it. Never knew Mario got in in that as well. Lmao

Popsicle52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Would have sold more issues by taking the dress off of peach.

Unknown_Gamer579452d ago

Not what I expected to see today. Meh, I've seen far worse in that manga I inadvertently brought back from Japan in some of those thick manga magazines. I'm more interested in the notion of a full-grown man having kid bits. Is Mario secretly Italian Deadpool?