Former Ghostwire Tokyo creative director opens her own studio and plans a game ‘full of dark jokes’

Ikumi Nakamura reveals she left Tango Gameworks because her work was making her ill.

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796d ago
isarai796d ago

SWEET! I was hoping she would land something, things were getting pretty rough. Interested to see what she makes 👍

XiNatsuDragnel795d ago

That'll be cool I hope Sony should sponsor her as well.

annoyedgamer795d ago

Sony would strongarm the game design. Remember where they are based.

ShadowWolf712795d ago

Unless she plans on letting players fondle girls of questionable age with dubious consent, I don't think she needs to worry.

annoyedgamer795d ago (Edited 795d ago )

@ shadowwold712

You mean like when they censored Devil May Cry 5? Oh wait...

795d ago
SullysCigar795d ago

Dark jokes are the best jokes. Looking forward to learning more about her next project!

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