GamersMark Review: Legendary

GamersMark: "There's a great deal of irony when one considers the name "Legendary" after playing the game. It will certainly be remembered, maybe even as a "legend," but certainly not in the manner Gamecock was shooting for. If the first-person shooter is to this generation what the mascot platformer was for the 16-bit days we've found our current-day Bubsy. It's a hollow, soulless attempt to cash in on a flooded market.

The premise has potential, but it fails in execution. You are Deckard, master thief, and the game begins after your character infiltrates a New York museum (missing a prime opportunity for an easy introduction-tutorial) with the intent of stealing Pandora's Box. Of course, the idiot protagonist opens it instead, unleashing the mythological horrors that reside inside. Namely griffins, werewolves, and odd little rock creatures that spit fireballs at you and take a million bullets to dispatch.

Right. So there are monsters. And it's your job to shoot them to death. Good luck. The guns in Legendary are some of the most inaccurate and powerless weapons to ever make it into a video game. Killing rock monsters is an exercise in frustration, especially while trying to dodge subway trains, which are still running even though the streets are caving in and everything is on fire. Note that it's not frustrating because the AI is good, but because your enemies just won't die. Couple that with the fact that Deckard (probably realistically) can't take much damage, and you're on your way to a grayer-shade of hair."

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