A Last of Us 2 easter egg has been found in Uncharted 4

A new discovery appears to link Uncharted 4: A Thief's End to The Last of Us 2 in an intriguing way.

In a post on The Last of Us sub reddit, user kheinrichs547 spotted that in Uncharted 4, you can find a pill bottle from Weston's Pharmacy - the same pharmacy that's seen in The Last of Us 2.

In the comments section underneath the original post on the subreddit, there are additional details about the pharmacy. It turns out that Weston's is actually present in Left Behind, the story DLC for the original Last of Us which starred Ellie and Riley. The pair explore this store in the mall that they escape to in the DLC.

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Sonic-and-Crash52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

im calling it now ...i found TLoUS2 has ton of easter eggs for the next game ND will develop ... if you look closely the books in TLoUS2 they r reffering to prehestoric life and space worlds/travel (also the TRex in the park)...their next game will have smthing to do with Dinosaurs and Space

1nsomniac52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

The dinosaur models are pretty generic however the space ships are very customised and have been done to an extreme level of detail so 100% their next game involves space and I would assume reuse the models to a larger degree and that’s why they contain so much detail.

NealGamby52d ago

I thought it was confirmed years ago that ND was doing a space game. If I remember correctly, there were a few articles that mentioned them doing R&D at NASA or something similar.

Sonic-and-Crash52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

@Neal ...yes Space plot/theme has been almost confirmed by the numerous leaks/indications....but prehestoric world content is not ...i m guessing will have smhting to do with that too judging by the plethora of elements in TLoUS2 and also the tons of work they ve done on organic environments

52d ago
Kurt Russell51d ago

Haha, I would be well up for Space Dinosaurs.

Goodkush52d ago

I just want my ps5 patch 😅

SullysCigar52d ago

And the new Factions game, please!

SheenuGameCenter51d ago

yes missing factions a lot and a return of Uncharted multiplayer and co op like uncharted 2 would be great.

Atticus_finch52d ago

I hope we hear something about the MP soon. The wait is too much for me.

technophobia52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Yup...has been found 5 years ago.

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