GameStop is Planning to Expand More Into PC Gaming to Reduce Console Market Reliance

Seems that the future of GameStop may see itself more of a middleman for PC gamers as the company has plans to expand its catalogue with PC gaming products, which includes computers, monitors, and more.

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Knightofelemia81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

Most PC gamers buy from Steam and Epic and Gamestop has a bad rep I doubt they will walk into a store to buy a digital PC game when they are just a click away with Steam and Epic. Gamestop is a little late showing up to the PC dance I know when I buy a game I either use Steam when they have their sales or I use Epic. And I doubt Gamestop will price match Steam and Epic or even have the kind of sales Steam and Epic have I can't even get Gamestop to price match Best Buy.

Nitrowolf281d ago (Edited 81d ago )

They’ve been selling physical and digital pc games for a while iirc, just very light. this is more hardware related with computers and monitors rather than the software side of things

Knightofelemia81d ago

Would you walk into a Gamestop and buy a PC monitor or buy the same monitor some where else?

Nitrowolf281d ago (Edited 81d ago )

That really depends tbh. I do my shopping at Microcenter because of availability and lineup, but those are so few in between. For people who don’t have one close, Bestbuy would usually be their go to, if not Amazon/Newegg. But tbh, if they stock decent quality sets at a competitive price, than sure why not.

I’ve had no reason to ever go to a GameStop the last gen or two since I can get my console stuff from so many places. PC stuff ur pretty limited to either online ordering, or sticking with a chain like Best Buy and dealing with their lack of GPU and CPU variety and stock, which is pretty bare. Least Best Buy you can check monitors out so you know what to expect.

I doubt GameStop could pull off such a thing, especially since most of their stores are tiny. Plus There’s the whole warranty situation and RMA for PC stuff that I don’t trust they’ll handle well. Still, having a place that sells GFX card and CPU outside of the bigger retail store like BestBuy would be a nice alternative.

annoyedgamer80d ago

They need to replace their scumbag employees. I swore never to go back to a gamestop after the purple haired woman behind the counter gave me a sass look and said "uh yeaa" when I asked if a random low demand title was out of stock.

Edgelordsupreme80d ago

You are such a whiny little girl, it’s amazing.

Michiel198980d ago

@knightofelemia While we dont have gamestop over here, I buy it where its cheapest as long as its a known store and has warranty etc. I dont give a rats ass from which store i buy it tbh.

thorstein80d ago

I really wish they went the hardcore PC hardware route. Consoles are great but since CompUSA went away I have no brick and mortar to walk in and buy parts with people who know what they were talking about. At least that's how the CompUSA by me was. They had a glass case display full of motherboards. I used to just geek out at all the specs and stuff.

Then, you could ask them to mod your comp how you wanted and most of the times they could. And when they couldn't, they'd say so.

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Atom66681d ago (Edited 81d ago )

That's just the thing - you find games to buy on Steam during their sales, and you find things on Epic's sales. No reason to think that Gamestop won't also have sales too.

But this seems more focused on hardware. For many markets, Best Buy is the only brick and mortar option. An alternative wouldn't be a bad idea now that PC is growing so much.

They're few and far between, but if a smaller chain like Microcenter can price hardware competitively compared to BB, Newegg, etc., then GS should be able to do the same.

It's not the worse idea they've had.

Fluttershy7780d ago

Agree... and at the same time just a few years ago nobody even think of getting their games on Epic, it was all steam. So, I think depends on how much money they have to invest

northpaws80d ago

I feel like it is just a setup to a deal MS and GameStop made last year.

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frostypants81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

Good luck to them. I like Gamestop but the PC market has long been dominated by players without the burden of brick-and-mortar overhead. Unless they can really sell the Starbucks "hang out" model I just don't see it.

excaliburps81d ago

Covid though, so hang out mode not in the cards at the moment.

GameBoyColor81d ago

They somehow manage to have 30 series cards or new gen cards in stock in abundance then this could be very good for them.

Timzster80d ago

Good luck to them indeed. If they can reel in customers, good for them. But most buy online when it comes to PC these days - unless they fork out the nice box art and collector's eds consistently.

curtain_swoosh80d ago

who has the time to "hang out" in or at a gamestop haha. or who would want that anyways.

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Killer73nova80d ago

In terms of digital They will probably have to work with steam and epic to give digital codes so if they can match or have lower prices then them then it MIGHT work but I doubt it. Now, if they start to add pc components that would be great because where I live there is only Best Buy and no micro centers and we have some small pc shops but usually don’t stock things that Best Buy has.

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