Famitsu and Media Create Console Sales Nov 24-30th, 2008


DS/DSi on top.
PS3 Edges near Wii
X360 above 10K

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Naked-Snake3695d ago

PS3 is close to the Wii and way above the 360 the FF13 hype is starting.

FreestyleBarnacle3695d ago

Actually it's probably more due to a LBP pack with an 80gb and a dualshock which has just become availiable. That and Winning 11.

Harry1903695d ago

Winning Eleven/Pro Evo has only been released in Japan last week. That's why there is a boost.

Expect January to be similar too. Ultimate Ninja Storm( Naruto) will be released on the 15th of January. D

Oh, btw, There will be a huge boost next week with the rekease of White Knight Chronicles.

WANNA GET HIGH3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Looks like every thing is back to normal in japan after the 360 had its run of outselling it.Christmas will be a huge win for the ps3 and wii in japan.

Liquid Dust3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Soooo... you couldnt skim through more than three articles for the past couple of months without tripping over an article on how 360 had taken the PS3 in Japan. Now you hear nothing about how PS3 has come back with a vengeance and produces sales that are triple that of the 360. What in hell?

Im excited for the Sony comeback that we're seeing there. WKC should be a big help as well.

Question: never been a huge soccer buff but i appreciate the sport, should i give the latest PES a try?

The Killer3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

50,35,55 etc while famitsu is like 52,42,etc

ps3 is outselling 360 3:1 and no article is made on it?? i remember seeing many article about how 360 outsold the ps3 for a fifth week LOL!!

gaffyh3695d ago

@harry190 - that's true, also expect a jump in sales when WKC is released December 25th

locos853695d ago

I prefer Fifa over PES

rockleex3692d ago

To all the 360 fanboys!!!?!?

Did they go hiding in their caves again? Lol.

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Johnny Rotten3695d ago

Seriously this site is a joke, I challenge anyone to click on this site and find something that's longer than a couple sentences.


They are over 100thousands of gaming site world wide on the internet.If u dont like this site then leave.....


The reason why they are no article the about the ps3 is because they expect it do do well in japan and they never expected the 360 to outsell it for a couple of weeks in a row.

sinncross3695d ago

Still not bad for the PS3 with a big title like Pro Evo. i wonder how huge the spikes will be for WKC. Hopefully something big but we'll have to see.

TOO PAWNED3695d ago

Somehow i think WKS wont be as big as we expect. Probably not more than 200k first week. Why? Well latest promotions they had was about online, and when it comes to Japanese and online, they go "Cool" and than run away.
Second problem is that this is new IP. And in Japan new IP has ALWAYS hard time to establish it self. Not like in west where if game is good we buy it. Rouque Galaxy (awesome game and way better than DQ8 forPS2) sold only 400k lifetime while DQ8 sold over 2 million. Darc Cloud games that are wvery similar to Zelda, sold also "low" numbers compared to how they didi in west.
Japan is strange

Xbox Street Gang3695d ago

Nobody's expecting a lot first week, but it should have nice legs going into next year. It's jrpg on the PS3.

Aclay3695d ago


If White Knight Chronicles sells 200K in the first week in Japan, I think that it would be pretty good.

The Last Remnant was a new IP and it sold 100K units the first week in Japan on the Xbox 360, so I have no doubt that White Knight on the PS3 is going to sell at least double than what The Last Remnant sold on the Xbox 360 during the first week because there is WAY more people with PS3's than 360's in Japan.

I know that a lot of Japanese PS3 owners have REALLY been patiently waiting for some major JRPG's because there's been a serious lack of them on the PS3, and I think a lot of people in Japan will PS3's are going to be all over White Knight.

Raoh3695d ago

great news for the ps3.

bigger news is that japan is spending as a whole. all sales seem to be up and while the ps2 sits at 7k.. thats alot of ps2's for a last gen console.

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