GamersMark Review - Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3

GamersMark: "For those of you who do not know the history behind the Red Alert series, allow me to recap. In the first game, Albert Einstein constructed a time machine so that he could travel back in time to murder Adolf Hitler, and as a result prevented World War II. An unexpected outcome of this action was the battle between the Allied Nations and the USSR, though the end the Allies won and the USSR became a vassal state. In the second game, the USSR is hell-bent on reclaiming its former status. To make a long story short, they fail to do so. The third installment begins as Premier Romanov is captured by the Allies and two of his leading officers decide to use their own version of the Allies time travel technology. They travel back to the 1920's and kill Dr. Einstein, meaning the events of the previous two games never happened. Hitler could not die because Dr. Einstein could not kill him. If World War II were to have gone on as normal without Einstein, there also may not have been an atomic bomb, so it comes as no surprise that the Japanese became the third superpower in the Red Alert universe."

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