Strange New Pokemon Go Balloons Pop Up on the Map

New Pokemon Go Balloons have appeared on the world map for some players, featuring a short advertisement and a collection of free items.

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Unknown_Gamer579449d ago

I didn't know this game was still popular. It has been a while for me.

KyRo49d ago

It's still something like the 5th highest grossing mobile game in the world. It's incredibly popular. If you haven't played in while there will be tons of new Pokémon to catch, lots of new features to

SDuck49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I play it as something to do in my phone when I have nothing else to do. Sometimes I may stay a week or two away from it but suddenly a friend asks me to help on a raid and I do it. I wasn't part of the launch fever though, only started playing it a year ago