GamersMark Review: World of Goo

GamersMark: "Original downloadable titles, on consoles at least, tend to carry a stigma with them. They're sometimes seen as games that are too risky for publishers take a chance on at retail, or other times as simple time wasters for the soccer mom and mouth-breathing casual crowd. World of Goo is the newest example of a growing contingency of downloadables that hardcore gamers should sit down and take a long look at – there's a lot to love about this one.

Anyone familiar with toothpick bridge-building from their grade school days should feel right at home with the game's core concept. The objective of each level is to get a certain amount of goo balls to a pipe. Doing so requires you to build bridges and other structures with the goo balls found in the level. Early levels have you building upward – a fine way to train players on the basic mechanics of the gameplay. If you're building a tower and you don't have the proper support , say if the tower is narrow and you have excessive weight on the right side, you can expect it to topple or collapse in a fairly realistic fashion, or at least as realistic as building things out of goo balls can be."

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