Sony Patents Awarding Trophies via Emulation for Older Games

Sony has filed a new patent where PlayStation Trophies will be awarded for older games running on emulation software.

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Majin-vegeta48d ago

Wasnt this patented during last gen?i remember it

lodossrage48d ago

It was, but sometimes patents has to be refiled

RazzerRedux47d ago

If it was this:

"Found by @Renka_Schedule on Twitter the patent was filed this year and shows what clearly looks like a PS1, PS2, and PS3 being emulated onto a separate screen via cloud gaming, which would presumably be PlayStation Now."

Then it is a bit different

Majin-vegeta47d ago

No it was specifically referring to trophies being added to past gen games

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instantstupor47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I remember that too. It was back near the end of the PS3 era, though nothing really came of it. But I did some googlin' so others know we aren't crazy lol

autobotdan48d ago

Trophies for Playstation one games?

locomorales47d ago

Yes! Now I can buy the same PSOne games for the third time!

luckytrouble47d ago

Truly the gamer dream in action.

autobotdan47d ago

Support the Playstation brand

badz14947d ago

it's not the same though. there will be trophies now


Gaming4Life198147d ago (Edited 47d ago )

🤣🤣🤣ca nt lie and say i wont buy any. I can think of 10 games i will buy off top.

SpineSaw47d ago

Ohhh they failed to mention the patent that forces a gamer to buy a old game for..... as you put it "the 3rd time".
Now one could or "you" could go game on Xbox and play their old games forrrrever cause they can't seem to release a decent First Party game that's worth buying. I guess that's why they have that rental service. But I guess that's a good thing for the parents of the Xbox kids. I tell ya what that Xbox Babysitter Rental service truly is the best value in gaming..... Mom's love it.

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Orchard47d ago

Hopefully this means we might get proper PS1/2/3 emulation on PS5... but I also know 99% of patents filed don't evolve to be anything, so I won't hold my breath.

Anungunrama47d ago

Oddly timed though with the rumoured store closure upcoming. Hopefully it's a way to preserve their own game legacy.

kayoss47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I would love to have emulation. But as i did more research i found that emulation is more difficult that meets the eyes in terms of the legality of it. Sony first party games emulations is not a problem because they own those IPs. however, when i comes down to 3rd party games, it seems that they may end up with some legal hurdles. They have to negotiate with original developers to see if they can have a game emulated for a new platform (unless its a physical disc). But again, it's just what i gather from talking to my friend who is a legal expert.

Orchard47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

@Anungunrama Yeah I dunno about the store. If the rumor is true, maybe they'd find a way to put PS1/2/3 games on the PS5 store? I haven't booted up my PS3 on forever, but I guess the PS3/Vita store must be pretty outdated by now compared to the PS4/5 store.

If they do implement back-compat though, they should make sure we can boot disks, I still have a LOT of PS1/2/3 games sitting around.

@kayoss There's definitely licensing requirements which is why not all XB360 games work on the new Xbox's, but the big ones do, so if MS has the lawyers and capabilities to negotiate/navigate that area I'm sure Sony can too. One would also assume that anything in PSNow today would be supported by back-compat without too many legal hurdles.

As for technical challenges. PS1/2 is easy on modern systems (Even the XSX/XSS can run PS1/2 games via dev mode). PS3 is a bit trickier, but is possible, and has been done on PC by RSPC3 team. I'd assume Sony can implement it better than they can since they have access to all the confidential information surrounding the PS3 hardware & SDK's. Sony clearly has the engineering capabilities to implement such things.

All in all, I remain in hope that we'll get to play our PS1/2/3 games some day on our PS5's. Lots of good games are being left behind if not.

Teflon0247d ago

kayoss yeahhh but psone games on ps3, psp and vita are emulated so it's nothing new to sony. It's likely they're doing whhat they did with GTA and whatever PS2 games last gen but probably going to continue with ps1 as well

darthv7247d ago

@orchard, being able to play PS3 discs should not be a problem, even playing majority of PS2 discs should be possible as well. The big "?" comes from the CD media games. I know there was some reason why the PS4 did not support CD media and the PS5 [I believe] uses the same drive.

Even if it doesnt actually "read" from the discs but instead just validates the security key and ToC on it in order to obtain an equivalent digital rendition. That would be great.

Unknown_Gamer579447d ago

I hope so. If the legacy PS stores go away, I would love if it something came along to replace it. Plus, it would be nice to have that stuff on my PS5 instead of having to dust off the old PS3. PlayStation may not quite have the history Nintendo does, but there have still been a lot of great games from the PS1 onward, and it would be nice to be able to play them again. I don't care nearly as much about the trophies, but I suppose that would be neat too. It's the greater implication of just having access to those games again that interests me though.

Life goes on either way, and the majority of my gaming hours will be dedicated to modern games, but there are a lot of great older games that I hope aren't lost to time. Make this happen Sony!

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Timzster47d ago

Here's hoping that emulation idea comes to pass. With the PS3, PSP, and PS Vita stores rumored to be closing, there needs to be a way we can play the older games and legacy console libraries. Adding trophies would be a bonus.

isarai47d ago

As much as i'd love that, patents like this have popped up from Sony a few times over the generations. So not really an indication of anything

darthv7247d ago

When I first heard the rumors of store access to those other PS systems being shut down, it made me think of what would they do with all of those digital assets. They wouldnt just shitcan them... so maybe this is the first step to even more platform support on the PS5? Playing PS1-3 and PSP/Vita on the PS5 would be epic bragging rights.

Because no matter how much effort MS puts into their BC program, it would never equate to one system running 7 different platforms of software.

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Skate-AK47d ago

Hmmm, I thought they already did that and this is why there are PS2 classics with trophies?

darthv7247d ago

but now add in PS1 classics with trophies...... or even PSP classics with trophies.

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Mr Logic47d ago

Those were new products. It required developer work.

XiNatsuDragnel47d ago

Trophies for older games? Nice

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