GamersMark Review - Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

GamersMark: "There are few series that have been able to release as frequently as Castlevania that retains both its ingenuity and a high level of quality. Order of Ecclesia is a well put together game, and if it were released before its predecessor, Portrait of Ruin (2006), it would have been a groundbreaking entry in the series. Instead we have a game that, like almost every post-Symphony of the Night (1997) entry in the series, plays almost identically to its well-developed forerunners, but it advances the formula in baby steps and baby steps alone.

Like Portrait of Ruin and Dawn of Sorrow (2005), Ecclesia uses a system where the abilities available to the player are acquired by either finding them on the map or by defeating an enemy and hoping they leave one behind. Glyphs, as they're called in this game, are the "souls" found in previous entries. While innovative in 2003 (when the system debuted in Aria of Sorrow on the GBA), gaining abilities this way has become tiresome and boring, especially since enemies are decidedly stingier with drops than those in previous entries."

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