Street Fighter 2 HD designer speaks out on 'struggle'

David Sirlin, lead designer on the recently released Xbox LIVE title Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, has told of his "struggle" rebalancing the classic fighting game's gameplay, telling "nobody around me really wanted this thing to even happen".

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incogneato3700d ago

they better be doing a street fighter 3 third strike HD remix or ill be pissed

rajman3700d ago

Yehhh man Ive been hoping for that for makes sense for Capcom to do it as it would be so popular for online play. Xbox had it online in the collectors edition game but us UK Playstation gamers didnt get that and it would be so awesome to finally have it. The only reason Capcom probably wont do it because of the release of Street Fighter 4

Azures3700d ago

The guy talks about the struggle he had getting this game rebalanced and the only thing that comes out of you is asking for more. third strike hardly needs an hd remake, go buy anniversary edition for ps2 and play it.

GodGinrai3700d ago

Or better yet ,get the superior dreamcast version and a couple of joysticks.I still use my saturn and dreamcast because of capcom...I just wish i could get a saturn pad to work on x360/ps3.the standard controller on both dont come close to a satrn pad for 2d frighters.

incogneato3700d ago

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike is the best one made so far. It's stupid to suggest to get a PS2 or Dreamcast version because there is no online play. An HD remix would be amazing but I would even settle for a classic PSN release with some online function. Those of you who don't want this probably didn't get competitive with the game. It is the ultimate competition fighter and NEEDS online.

mcm3699d ago

I agree Street Fighter III third strike needs a HD update with online play. I own the Japanese Dreamcast version and the PS2 Anniversay Edition. I tried to play the PS2 version with the PS3 effects on and it was blurry and butt ugly. I believe that Capcom should not try to redraw the game, but simply increase the resolution of the sprites. I know that they have to the original drawings and artwork in archive. I don't want Udon anywhere near that game because their art style just doesn't compare to the style of SFIII. I'm NOT saying that what they did was bad, it's just a different realization and style.

rockleex3697d ago

With 4 player Dynamic Mode!

A full 4 play co-op Dynamic Story Mode!!

World Tour Online Mode! Kind of like a fighting game MMORPG.
Also allows 4 player matches in World Tour.



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omegaortega3700d ago

Recently released Xbox Live and PSN title you mean, not just Xbox live.

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HardcoreGamer3700d ago

all because of compression - which takes time at the end of the day the more compression the less quality it becomes. its just weird how this releaes went

ForNgoods3699d ago

At first i hate the idea of a rebalanced SF b/c the hard motions were part of the game and i felt it was gonna soften things up. However, now that i have my hands on the game i can honestly say i works amazingly. Especially if you dont have a joystick and use a regular controller to play. Kudos to this guy.

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