Six Days in Fallujah - Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

IGN: United States military veteran Sgt. Jason Kyle and the developers at Victura and Highwire Games walk you through the first-ever gameplay video of Six Days in Falljuah, the tactical first-person shooter with procedurally generated mission spaces based on real-life events from 2004's Second Battle for Fallujah in the Iraq War.

spicelicka1075d ago

Hope this is just some old alpha footage and it gets treated like a next gen game. Right now it just looks like an HD remake of COD4.

RaidenBlack1075d ago

A Remake is always a new game, made from ground up using latest tech and only shares the story and progression from the original.
So an "HD remake of COD4" will look similar to CoD MW'19/ BO Cold War.

spicelicka1075d ago

I meant remaster in that case or whatever the correct term is, like when older games are just upscaled to 4k/60fps.

Smok911074d ago

Upscale is upscale. Remaster is improved textures, smoke effects, lighting, etc. Remake is a “remake”.

RaidenBlack1074d ago

There are lazy "Remasters" too.
Check Burnout Paradise and NFS Hot Pursuit Remasters.

RaidenBlack1075d ago

This is CoD4 Remaster for comparison with similar terrain setting/location.
Not only was the resolution upscaled but had all the in-game textures, modelling, mapping & lighting redone

Profchaos1075d ago

I think you won't get cod level of polish but the game isn't comparable you won't be 360 no scoping guys in fluro purple ghili suits here.

It seems to be a slow paced fps like a cross between full spectrum warrior and brothers in arms.

The Dev team is probably significantly smaller and doesn't have the resources Activision has so I think the way it looks is quite nice for a game that has open levels and procedurally generated neighbourhoods instead of tightly scripted sequences.

BenRC011074d ago

I agree, looks right up my street

isarai1075d ago

I will say they really managed to portray some high tension, and the gun sounds are terrifying. People are focusing too much on the graphics, reminder this is a smaller publisher with no AAA budget

frostypants1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

Yeah, looks like they're legit trying to communicate what battle is actually like, to the limited extent possible in a game. Not just focused on going from one gunfight to the next but on the tension in simply advancing. This is probably gonna keep a lot of the CoD dudebros away.

Procedurally generated maps seems like a brilliant way to prevent players from ever getting comfortable, if it works smoothly (i.e. the maps actually make sense, and if the buildings have enough structural variety).

spicelicka1074d ago (Edited 1074d ago )

Graphics, physics, animation, all add to the tension and would only improve what they are trying to portray. Right now what they are trying to portray is hindered by the fact that it looks a bit dated. What they are doing other than graphics is great, but in this day and age there's no excuse for graphics like these from a decent sized studio.

XiNatsuDragnel1075d ago

I like the realism in this game.