PSP 2: 15 must have features writes: "It's usually not long after we've got a new console that talk of the next one begins. The PSP has been available for four years, so chatter has understandably moved towards what Sony could be cooking up for the inevitable PSP 2. We've already seen some stories claiming to have information on the unconfirmed handheld's graphics processor, but so far there's little that could be called concrete. So, before Sony announces anything and ruins our fun, we've put together a lengthy list of features we want included in the PSP 2, covering everything from sheer power to how you're going to be playing the games. If you're reading this Sony, make your next handheld using this template and you'll be on to a winner."

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sinncross3698d ago

2 analogue sticks? ur kidding right: thats gonna make it harder to keep the PSP slimmer. 2 analogue nubs yes, I can live with that. I also see no problem with the shoulder buttons, but two more would be nice.
That said, the PSP 2 could function as a controller for the PS3.

Games are a given and trying to match PS3 quality graphics is a joke... as long as it can handle PS2 titles then the PSP2 is fine graphically.

Considering the sixaxis was actually something that was meant to be in the PSP, according to Harrison, I see it as a possibility. Slight rumble is not a bad idea, but should not be a focus (price reasons)

OLED sounds great though I no little in terms of pricing. If cheap enough then go for it, but as for a bendable PSP... I dont think its design is quite suited for it... especially when these guys want analogue sticks...

HD videos sound like a good idea, but i dont see it as something which the PSP ardently needs.

The PSNs tore will obviously evolve, but we already have download only titles: Beats, Ape Quest (Ape Escape RPG) and one or two others can't remember.

Can't comment on 3G internet, how powerful is it? For the PSP2, the best possible internet connection is what Sony must go for. Yes 4G is huge but wifi spots are expanding as well...

Live TV is not a priority I reckon.

Dunno about the touch screen_ stylus thing, could be nice. And flash memory seems like a nice route to go.

some nice ideas, though i dont agree with all of them.

hay3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

HD on psp2? I think it wouldn't be physically possible to fit those pixels on such small screen. Also hd playback needs some reasonably powerful or dedicated hardware.

Bendable psp? I would be too scared not to break it...

Either way, I like your way of thinking cause in majority I think the same.

kapedkrusader3698d ago compatability. This way you can create games that incorporate the PSP on the PS3. For example, a Yugioh game that shows your cards only to you through your PSP, but that you play on your PS3. Or poker with friends at home, not on line...or Madden so you could hide your playbook...or a rear view mirror for GT:5...there are a ton of things you could do. This would also give the PS3 something that the 360 wouldn't have.

Tomdc3698d ago

They didn't even mention a hard drive!

That is number one on my list! Then you could store all your music on it!

It wouldn't have to be too big... I mean if they added a decent one to the existing PSP slim it would probably only increase to the size of the original PSP again.

DarthTigra 3698d ago

They must want nobody to be able to afford this lol,

fan_of_gaming3698d ago

will probably launch at around $300 bucks. I'd pay up to $500 for it personally, assuming it is similar to the one listed in this article.

Harry1903698d ago

is games more suited for handheld gaming. Original games like LoCoroRo and Patapon and Crush. Sure, recreating the home console experience is cool, but that's not really what the handheld gamer is looking for. I am also against the idea of having non-disc or cartridge based games. Digital Distribution is not the way to go right now. Think of the people who can't buy stuff over the net. I am one of them.

farhsa20083698d ago

what the feck! if they had half the stuff on this list it will cost more than i paid for my ps3 on launch lol.

solidt123698d ago

Im a big PSP fan but I don't think there is much demand for a PSP 2 just yet. But if they make one with two analog sticks I will buy it anyway.

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