Gamezine Review: Guitar Hero World Tour

Arash Hekmat of Gamezine writes:

""I wish that I could play guitar," little Timmy thought to himself one day. "Oh but you can," the God of Rock replied, and came forth from his perch atop Mount Olympus to give Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock to the world.

And for a time, all was well as Timmy learnt to wield the shapely plastic axe and strum the notes as they appeared on the screen. But soon, he had masterfully shredded his way through Dragonforce on Expert and his life once again felt incomplete.

All his friends were playing Rock Band, and Timmy knew that he would never be able to unleash his inner rockstar alone. So he called upon the God of Rock and wished to be in a band. And once more, the God of Rock obliged with the release of Guitar Hero: World Tour. And once more, all was well. "

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