Fallout 4 Xbox Series X FPS Boost vs 60fps Mod Comparison

Full details on the differences that can be found in this Fallout 4 Xbox Series X FPS Boost vs 60fps Mod comparison of the multiple options from a visual, and or tech analysis angle.

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badz14950d ago

such a huge difference. big L for the boost version here

Edgelordsupreme50d ago

How can you tell when the time of day isn’t identical?

badz14949d ago

If you can't tell from that, go get your eyes checked

Edgelordsupreme49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Why are you so aggressive? How hard would it have been to publish the video with identical time of day? Oh hey I just looked you’re a Sony pony, what’s it like worshipping at the altar of a corporate brand? For a PhD you sure enjoy arguing over minor and ultimately very consumer friendly moves, why is that?

badz14948d ago

so...I can't criticize it just as I see it? the difference in image quality is clear here and you're taking it as an insult to xbox? insecure much? I thought that's the point of comparison? what is "consumer friendly" got to do with this comparison?? did I miss something?

you do know you don't have to make excuses and bend over to MS at every single thing they do, right? why can't you just accept that the 60fps mod looks better for this specific game and move on and not taking it as my vendetta against xbox? I don't even hate xbox. I just prefer Sony's offerings better. and if that makes me a Sony pony, so be it. cry me a river while I enjoy the best of both worlds with my PS and PC combo.

Futureshark50d ago

So mod is 4k60fps, FPS boost is 1080p 60fps.

So I guess obviously the mod is specific to Fallout 4, whereas game boost will effectively drop the resolution until 60fps is achieved, but this is system level.
Clever stuff, you could run the Skyrim 60fps mod and keep trophies with a trick, I wonder if same can be done here?

Tacoboto49d ago

FPS Boost is indeed system-level, but the approach MS takes seems to use for Fallout 4 is to take the Xbox One S version, or the One X version at 1080p resolution. Digital Foundry suggested it's the One S codepath (which ran at dynamic 1080p), so it wouldn't be technically 'dropping the resolution until 60fps' - it's dropping to a lower-tier feature set.

The mod, from what I recall, basically turns off VSync; DF's test found the framerate fluctuated a lot more in a bottlenecked area with the mod.

anast50d ago

This game looked dated when it was released and not looking much better.

badz14948d ago

that game engine they are using is archaic, that's why