Resident Evil and Resident Evil Remake Celebrate Their Anniversaries Today

Prepare to celebrate the world of Survival Horror as we knew it then and know it now, as Resident Evil

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XXXL48d ago

The original and REmake. Simply awesome. Wish I could experience them both again for the first time

Sonic-and-Crash47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

i say the original RE on PS1 is a true legendary game that would not be replicated again ...Fujiwara ,Mikami ,Iwao and Makoto Tomozawa on music ,these 4 extremely talented guys developed one of the best games ever created and it will be rare to almost impossibe such legends to work together again

RERemake couldntreplicate that magic again as lost key developers and became more like cliche cheap horror movie...rather than smthing genuine like the 1st one was

TeamIcoFan47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I thought the REmake was fine.

Sonic-and-Crash47d ago

@above it is good ..not saying the opposite ..but lost the feeling of the first

Nitrowolf247d ago


I mean that's kind of always the case tbh. A lot of old games can't replicate the exact same feeling

excaliburps47d ago

Yep. The franchise is one of the few that started back on the PS1 and is still super relevant today. I mean, Toshinden, Ridge Racer, etc., have all faded. Not all, but most have.

Timzster47d ago

Experiencing these games the first time around is always a nice feeling. In a quiet and dark room with the sound turned up and not knowing where to go, that's where Survival Horror truly excels. The original and Remake all provide their own flavors and sounds. Just don't play the Director's Cut Dual Shock version and that Basement song.XD

Orchard47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

These games were just spectacular. I must've played REmake tens of times on my Gamecube back in the day. And I remember blowing a lot of my allowance to rent RE1 on PS1 from Blockbuster... that game was tough as a kid!

Unknown_Gamer579447d ago

At least you were allowed to play that game as a kid. It seems laughable now, but I guess that pixelated violence was enough to up the rating at the time. Not everyone's parents seemed to care about that sort of thing, but mine did. Oh well, I made amends years later, and eventually played both RE1 and its remake...along with the rest of the series, so it worked out.

Orchard46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Haha maybe... the infamous dog part resulted in me not playing the game for about half of the initial rental before getting the courage as a kid to resume playing :P

I definitely appreciate the game (and the remake) more as an adult.