The Exclusively Untrustworthy

Game Revolution: "Review embargoes (ie. not publishing a review until a certain date) are quite common in both the game and movie biz. They have seldom been problematic, until now.

These are almost never contractually enforced, but they are socially enforced as we, on both sides of the gaming fence, are all professionals who have to work together. And I think it's fair for gaming companies to want us to not trash-talk their products until they're actually out. Think of it as a gentlemen's agreement, and here at GR we always honor them.

However, recently I have noticed a disturbing new trend: The Exclusive Review.

This is where one publisher is given the blessing to publish their review before anyone else. Eidos has apparently gone so far (or at least their UK public relations firm has) as to try and make their embargo dates score-based, letting the good reviews publish before the bad ones."

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Nineball21123694d ago

Well, it's unfortunate and I'm not trying to justify it, but you'll always get this kind of thing when big money is involved. And gaming is definitely BIG money.

This coincides with another big issue which is, can you even trust reviews?

Johnny Rotten3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

The big review sites are a good reference for details of the game but hitting the forums after the games been released is the only true way to find out how good the game is.