Atari Signs 'The Tale of Despereaux' (All) Except Xbox 360 Edition

The Tale of Despereaux is an interactive game based on Universal Pictures' animated adventure of the same name. The game shares the fairy-tale look and feel of the upcoming film about a chivalrous mouse, full of courage and honor. Since the demise of Brash Entertainment, it has been quiet around The Tale of Despereaux, but with the imminent release of the movie, Atari picked up all platforms, but oddly not the Xbox 360 edition.

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Tyetan3699d ago

That not what the actual article said. Read the last line

"The Tale of Despereaux game is in development for X360, PS2, Wii, PC, and will release in conjunction with the film, which arrives in theatres on December 2, 2008."

I think they meant to say PS3.

lociefer3699d ago

360 , ps3 , pc wuts the difference , i bet its not even worth an illegal download for either 360 / pc

lociefer3699d ago

as if any1 gonna buy it anyways

RainOfTerror3699d ago

it was in development for those particular platforms, while over at Brash, but since they went belly up Atari picked up the publishing rights for the PS2, Wii, PC and NDS editions, but not the Xbox 360 (for whatever reason).

MAiKU3699d ago

Don't tell you people are going to argue about a game from a movie. We all know how those turn out anyway, with the small exception like the spiderman games.