7 Games Even Non-Horror Fans Can Enjoy on Resident Evil's Anniversary

With Capcom’s horror series commemorating its 25th anniversary today, here are seven horror games non-horror fans might enjoy.

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darthv72256d ago

I'd add a couple of honorable mentions. Cursed Mountain on the Wii and Cold Fear on PS2/Xbox.

FTLmaster256d ago

Not played Cursed Mountain but I enjoyed Cold Fear. It almost felt a bit Dead Space-ey.

Magog256d ago

Why would you play games from other series to celebrate the anniversary of Resident Evil? WTF.

SDuck256d ago

Because Resident Evil is an iconic piece of video game history that inspired many horror games

whitbyfox256d ago

Why would non-horror fans want to play a horror game? Crap title, some good games though.

SDuck256d ago

Tbf, some of those aren't even horror games. They're just action games with some horror on them. I'm not a horror game player and I played TLoU and Bioshock which are on that list

RaidenBlack256d ago

Half life 2's Ravenholm level alone has more horror than the whole of Bioshock.