Get BBC iPlayer on PS3 with latest update

Latest Flash update brings nice telly bonus to PS3...

Finally, there is a PS3 version of the BBC iPlayer for those UK PlayStation gamers that were unable to access iPlayer on the multiple other platforms its already been made available on.

Got a PS3? Then direct your browser to the BBC iPlayer homepage where you will be able to easily direct your eyes to the PS3 version of the superb tel

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zoydwheeler3703d ago

Now I don't have to waste my time playing all those second-rate games that were out three months ago on the Xbox 360 on the thing anymore!

Calcio3703d ago

I say again; Boo!
Nice concept though. Footy through my set top box - must be a first...

jamiemid103703d ago

Now I can watch telly on my games console so I don't need to leave the couch... ever.

PainisCupcake3703d ago

The quality is still bloody crap though, quite pixelated on my 32"

AngryHippo3702d ago works surprisingly well. Im happy, get to watch top gear on my ps3 when i miss an episode. Well done Sony for having a flash update allowing bbciplayer to work really well.