Gaming in 2020: What Does the Future Hold?

PS3 Informer takes a look at what gaming consoles might be capable of in the year 2020. The specifications for their console of 2020 are as follows:

Core CPU Speed: 320 GHz
Polygons per Second: 27.5 Billion
Ram: 50 GB
Storage: 4 Terabytes

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clinker3700d ago

It is amazing to me that the PS3 really is 100 times more powerful than the PS1, and only 10 years separate the two generations.

gslimjim983700d ago

if hdtv advance to a point where remotes are motion sensored for channel surfing and things like that, then there would be a plug in the back where all the future wii has to do is plug into the jack to use the tv's defualt sensor. now that would be cool in a sense.

LokMessier3700d ago

Oh hell no...I'm not wearing that -.-'

Aside from that the future seems promising with the way advancements are being made. It's actually going rather fast, though I'm going to be mad that I'll be a lot older by then, I'm just hoping I won't be the type of old person who can't "Get with the times" :p.