Capcom: "We viewed Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes the way Disney does remaking its movies"

The publisher discusses Monster Hunter potential and Resident Evil's 25th anniversary

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BitByter49d ago

All things considered, that's terrifying even if those two games turned out amazing (RE2) and decent (RE3).

Sonic-and-Crash49d ago

..and instead see the success and acceptance RE 2 remake had ....they returned back to the old bad self , continuing the series with disconnected FPS games, who have nothing to do with original s game theme and concept ...well done Capcom

Highrevz49d ago

The most we can hope for now is a Code Veronica REmake.
7&8 are not what I wanted from the series but at least things improved over 5&6

Resident Evil looks to be another series I loved that has moved on to an audience that isn’t for me, it sucks but not much I can do about it.

pietro121249d ago

Gas nothing to do with the concept if you weren't paying attention. Besides the RE2 remake RE7 is the best RE title since RE4

-Foxtrot48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

"Besides the RE2 remake RE7 is the best RE title since RE4"

Not like it had much competition...

Things were very bleak before REVII and the biggest excuse when that game was shown off and even released was along the lines of "You can't modernise the classic games, it just dosen't work, it needs to be first person to evolve, there's no other way".

Then the Resident Evil 2 Remake came out and it blew REVII away and the naysayers, it proudly showed people that yeah you can modernise the old RE games, it totally works.

Even during that time you had The Evil Within II which got an update later which lets you switch between first person and third.

There's options...Capcom seems to think it's one or the other

-Foxtrot48d ago

I wish they would just do a directors cut for the Resident Evil 3 Remake and add in extra things which should have been included, they really dropped the ball with RE3

It's not a bad game but when RE2 Remake was critically acclaimed you'd think they'd give more love to the sequel.

The second team who did RE2 should have just worked on a DLC expansion pack for RE2 which gave us a remake of Ada's Escape from Raccoon City shown in the Umbrella Chronicles.

-Foxtrot48d ago

Not something they should be proud of considering RE2 holds up to the original unlike Disney's remake to their originals.

Mulan was awful compared to the original Disney film

Aladdin wasn't very good, Will Smith was playing himself and Jaffar casting wise was a joke.

The Lion King had no emotion in it

Maleficent changed far too much and tried to make us sympathise with her, not to mention it was full of plot holes.

Dumbo changed far too much and wasn't even a remake. They got rid of Timothy Mouse, a big part of the original.

Lady and the Tramp was souless

Beauty and the Beast and the Jungle Book were the only decent ones, however despite this they are still not up to the originals standards.

AnotherGamer49d ago

No...just do not compare the games to what Disney is doing with their live action movies, just don't....

jcfalcone49d ago

So, will they remake it to oblivion?

TheColbertinator49d ago

Lack of original ideas so they milk the past to death? How shameful.

LucasRuinedChildhood49d ago

They took the series in a new direction with Resident Evil 7 though.

VerminSC49d ago

That’s the thing, people criticize developers for not trying new things yet wine about new ideas. Resident evil 7 is the perfect example. It was and amazing game yet many wined about it not being 3rd person or more like the old games.

pietro121249d ago

Nothing shameful about it all. It's not like Capcom is releasing half ass ports they actually putting in effort in these remakes and sequels. They're not EA or Ubisoft

TheColbertinator49d ago


I reluctantly have to agree. RE2 Remake was impressive.

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