Is the success of Wii good for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3?

If this were a three-way battle for the home console market, it would be easy to declare the Nintendo Wii the winner. With 34.5 million consoles sold compared to 25 million Xbox 360s and just 16.8 million PlayStation 3 consoles, the Nintendo Wii has become the home console bestseller despite being released over a full year after the Xbox 360.

But is it really a three-way battle?

The Nintendo Wii does not compare in processing power, graphical capability or storage capacity. It isn't able to play Blu-Ray videos like the PS3, and its online capability lags so far behind Xbox Live that it's like comparing the Internet to the text-based bulletin boards systems the Internet replaced.

And yet the Nintendo Wii sells. And sells. And sells some more.

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chaosatom3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Totally makes Wii lose out on Gaming.
Ps3 or 360 can eventually come out with their own Wii controller, but Nitendo can't upgrade their Wii's Hardware. And what about Online?

Nitendo seem to doing a little to Make Better games. After mario or Brawl, nothing is coming out on Wii except more Accessories.

Captain_Sony3695d ago

If ignorance is bliss you must be very happy. No more Wii accessories are on the way there troll. Nintendo even said it themselves.. Funny how two people that claim to have no interest in Wii rushed to an article about the Wii... That tells me you not being interested has more to do with just trolling and wanting to be an a$$es and not gamers.


I am never buying the wii (-_-)

PS360 FTW.

Captain_Sony3695d ago

You rush to every Wii article to say that.... How pathetic are you? Nothing better to do with your time then spend it on something you have no interest in?

WANNA GET HIGH3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )


I know..........

PS360 FTW...

And write now i have nothing better to do.Its not every time im going clubing or getting high with friends.Sometimes i just like to stay at home and relax.Not every one who comments on gaming websites are game freaks.I love games but that dose not mean i do not have a social life.

Product3695d ago

your social life includes you getting high and going to clubs? hahahahahaha thats funny.Living the dream.

WANNA GET HIGH3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

People have a different taste in life.I enjoy the fast life and i enjoy smokeing weed and going to clubs.Whats ur beef?

cayal3695d ago

Apparently spelling and grammar isn't one of your 'tast' in life.

WANNA GET HIGH3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Ever heard of typing "ERRORS" in ur life.. :/

I guess its not your "TASTE" in life to hear about it.!!!!

cayal3695d ago

Never heard of typing 'erros' in my life. Errors - yes. Erros - no.

However one mistake is understandable, multiple mistakes are not. As is the short hand spelling laziness I see these days (ie. ur)

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