Eurogamer Hands on Killzone 2

It's hard making the sequel to a classic, but it's probably harder making the sequel to a game that everybody expected to be a classic. Guerrilla's Killzone had distinctive World War I-inspired art, authentically creepy enemies, and pre-release claims of revolutionary squad AI, yet the game never delivered on its obvious promise. Its grey trenches brought heavy-handed railroading along with their stylish claustrophobia, and the designer baddies combined a conspicuous lack of street smarts with annoyingly long health bars, which saw them absorb a wearying number of bullets to the chest before eventually collapsing.

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Ashton3698d ago

eurogamer said something positive for a PS3 game?

Time Lord3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

"no other shooter plays quite like Killzone 2, and no other shooter looks quite like it, either. That's a risk in a market as saturated as this, but the one thing Guerrilla has never struggled with is drawing attention to itself. Now at last there are promising indications that it's got the game to go along with the hype."


I just hope it dose not suffer like R2 suffered with sony not marketing it very well.They should start marketing 1month before relase.That is what MS did with halo3 and gears1 and look how sales turned out!!

arika3698d ago

this is a game that will unite all gamers in unison, wether they be a hater, critic, fanboy and loyalist, they will all have one conclusion, that this game is going to be an amazing experience.

joemayo763698d ago

well how can u talk bad bout this game its way too much fun, and looks and plays amazing.

Marceles3698d ago

I hate hands-on previews from places like Eurogamer, Edge, etc...they give a great preview and butters everyone up, and once the final review comes they do a complete turnaround and say how bad the game is...or they'll say the same good review but give it a 7.5 or 8, or a score that doesn't reflect what they've said.

MazzingerZ3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

They wrote a lot of positive stuff about MGS4...and at the end game it 8/10...

Honestly, since the gaming sites became also a big business along with anything else around VG, now not even the hands-on are trust worthy...not saying that K2 is not great because it is and I'm looking forward to play it!

The gaming sites know that if they bash a game in a hands-on article they are practically saying goodbye to exclusive interviews and footage...that's why so many people reacts with disappointment and even anger to review scores...beacuse that same site that 2 months ago wrote the best things about a game and got you to visit it often to check news about it, 2 months after all of the sudden tells you that the game is average-good, the same game you are playing and like so much...

So they run their business without no one bothering them, people visi their sites, ads sell...and when is time to review, they can get extra cash giving either a good or a bad review...there will always be "someone" that would pay for either

So please ignore all this hands-on and just wait for the game, it will be awesome.

By the way, Eurogamer has the most annoying community...I look at the comment section and makes me sick, brainless people, everybody tries to be funny using a way that is so annoying and not funny at all...IMO Eurogamer is the site with the highest percentage of X360 fanboys that are more worried about posting in PS3 related threads than anything else...when I read their comments:

1- I feel ashamed of being a gamer
2- I can't tell their age, neither biological nor mental

DiabloRising3698d ago

DING DING DING, we have a winner.

Mazz got it right.

Marceles3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

lol exactly...always a good hands-on and then someone replies "yay 10/10 confirmed!", then the review comes and it's like wtf just happened?

Kuest3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

by the same criteria we asses reviews. There are several simple reasons for this basic fact.

In essence, previews are written as a preface for information, not judgment per se. A preview is not 'correlative' to the later review, as those mediums are not interchangeable in objectives. Specifically, the former is predicated around new content, whereas the latter is concerned with the successful implantation of content, not necessarily new.

To illustrate, this Euro preview introduces several key game-play mechanics of Killzone, like the "feel" of weaponry, character movement, etc. It describes these elements, and how each might appertain to specific sequences. The purpose of this article therefore is not to essay whether or not Killzone's overall story development meshes well with the game play mechanics, or whether the gameplay itself is engrossing after long periods of time.

On the contrary, this preview is meant merely to deliver NEW INFORMATION to the public, to alert the reader what new features may be available, and how they might enhance player interaction. It is then the reviewers job to determine if those certain innovations actually managed to fulfill its objectives, in relation to the overall experience.

If a developer introduces the concept of moving cover, for instance, that may be considered new information, or a preview. The reviewer would then attempt to esteem how well 'moving cover' complements the overall game, whether it detracts, enriches, or does nothing at all.

Good previews can only be considered 'good' insofar as the new information revealed is interesting or unique. A good review, on the other hand, demonstrates whatever featured game play mechanics, story development, etc., is implemented well.

For example, eurogamer has revealed that Killzone's character movement is slow, and tactical, rather than fast-paced and awkward. How this relates to the overall experience of Killzone's single player, or multi-play remains undetermined. So, one cannot simply waive their hands, and shout a good preview should entail a good review. You fail to recognize, Mazz, that new information- in and of itself- may seem enticing, but when put into the greater context, may prove to actually detract from- inter alia- story plot, or player satisfaction.

Kuest3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Not out of negligence for your sentiments, but rather to expose how dissatisfaction with the journalist emanates ultimately from self-interest. Moreover, we all need to reassess our reasoning for why reviews suck. For, in my opinion, the problem with game journalists is not that they deliver bad scores, but that the justification, and the manner in which said justification is given, constitutes a hell-hole of fallacies.

I recall vividly how ME was butchered by Gamespot, when it asserted the artwork was comparable to Halo's. What blasphemy! Even worse, the reviewer did not cite one example, to back up his drug-induced allegations (he must have been smoking to say what I said above; I dare not repeat such foolishness). That is the chief drawback of game journalism today. Its the quality of thought process, which goes into the writing.

Traveler3698d ago

Eurogamer have never been against the PS3. They have always been very fair in my opinion. Just because their objective comparisons often found the 360 version of multiplatform games performing a little better than the PS3 version does not mean that they are biased against the PS3. In my opinion, Eurogamer have integrity and they are more concerned with the truth and being fair in their judgment of all games. They have given many good reviews to PS3 games and there is absolutely no reason to think that they are biased against the PS3.

Killzone 2 is an awesome game and Eurogamer recognizes it and gave it an overwhelmingly positive preview.

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Craig David3698d ago

Sounds like the aiming sucks monkey ball, But saying that all droids like to suck on some balls.

gambare3698d ago

sounds like I'm going to take out bubbles of your ugly face haaaaa

steck673698d ago

I feel so sorry for you. While us PS3 owners will be playing this masterpiece, KZ2, you bots will be playing GTA4 $20 DLC LOL. Have fun with a nearly one year old overhyped game.

Spike473698d ago

they stated took some time geting use to but in the end they woulldn't want the controls to be replaced by anything else.

Looks like this game is really shaping up like an AAA title, I'm geting it day 1 no matter what.

RememberThe3573698d ago

I remember messing around with Killzones' controls for a bit to get them where I wanted them. Luckily they do give you that option though, so if I don't like them I can make them what I want.

Spike473698d ago

obviously you didn't read the lines after that. Fail.

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