Second Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC to Release on March 25

Xfire writes: "Immortals Fenyx Rising was released back in December 2020 and has already seen its first form of postgame content release via the "A New God" DLC. Now, not more than two months later and its second DLC is set to drop."

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iplay1up252d ago

I like this more than BOTW!

SurgicalMenace52d ago

I would definetly 2nd or 3rd the sentiment, if I could. Greater experience than I would have ever expected. Only played BOTW for just over a couple of hours before growing bored of the experience.🤷🏾‍ ♂️

Teflon0251d ago

I did too. I didn't enjoy botw much. This I enjoyed much more. Don't know about the dlc though. I assume Zelda's dlc was probably better though

boing151d ago

I concur. I prefer it too. I think it's because it's "casualized" version of Zelda. No weapon durability, no recipes etc. Always deemed such mechanics as possible gate to frustration. Subjective, though.

Hellcat202052d ago

It's ok
More of the same puzzles than I wanted or expected.
Hopefully this one is better