Remedy: Xbox Series S Optimization Is Nowhere Near as Simple as Lowering Resolution and Textures

Remedy's Thomas Puha talked about Xbox Series S optimization, stating that it's nowhere near as simple as lowering resolution and textures despite what some may think.

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codelyoko798d ago

I still don't get why Microsoft had to release this. They have xCloud as the lowest barrier of entry...

ThinkThink798d ago

It's just an option for people that don't have 4k televisions. I don't think that xcloud will be mainstream enough for a couple of years and the series x is too expensive if you can't take advantage of the 4k.

ActualWhiteMan798d ago

They should have just lowered the price of the One X and kept making them. Very stupid to have the Series S IMO.

798d ago
Army_of_Darkness798d ago

In the end when it comes down to it, Microsoft only cares about selling their product and making a profit. Not pushing boundaries in gaming like what Sony is doing.

blackblades798d ago

Yeah we get that, also no one cares of anyone of you has one or whatever reason. The point to this is the title of this article not of what you people say

patriz420798d ago

Yes but you have to buy external storage for the series s and ur already over the cost of the series x, I don't get its existence....

Father__Merrin798d ago

That's what they say. Although an excellent console what hurts it is hdd size and not being able to run one x enhanced games which it is capable of

smashman98798d ago

It's not just that tho. It's a last-gen console being labeled as a next-gen console. By requiring that every game can run on both it and the series x. MS is making it much harder on 3rd party devs to really push the limits.

anubusgold798d ago (Edited 798d ago )

@knightedHollow No 4k is just too early for games even with a 3090 gpu some games drop below 90 fps at max detail on 4k. 1440P games will look way better with HDR and ray tracing turned on with ultra detail settings and you get 120 fps performance even with a 3070 gpu if you can find one for its MSRP; thanks scalpers and miners you pieces of trash.

DJStotty798d ago (Edited 798d ago )


"They should have just lowered the price of the One X and kept making them."

No, because the One X can not match the Series X, the Series S plays the same games, albeit lower framerate/resolution. Expect games to be no longer playable on the One X within the next 12 months, then what?

darthv72798d ago

I have been pretty impressed with it so far. I know that getting an X will be even better but for now I can't really complain. I still use my one X as well for my disc based games. I can say that between the two, the S is surprisingly powerful. Able to play certain games better than the one X.

NeoGamer232798d ago

The faster SSD and the updated functionality of the CPU/GPU required a streamed down next gen device instead of a last gen device.

This also opens doors for MS to potentially do other things as well. I can see a potential Switch-like or fully mobile XB device based on the lower hardware spec as the generation progresses. By building a trimmed down device focused more around 1080p, its processing generates less heat and makes it easier to put in smaller devices.

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CaptainHenry916798d ago (Edited 798d ago )

🤔😂 . It'll be funny is Microsoft decides to stop supporting the Series S. They should do it now before it gets worse

DJStotty798d ago

Why, people are buying the Series S, why would they stop supporting it lmao?

Should Sony stop supporting VR due to its small install base? Thought not.

I_am_Batman798d ago (Edited 798d ago )

@DJStotty: That's an odd comparison, because PSVR support isn't mandatory. Cutting Series S support now would cause a huge backlash and might even cause customers to take legal action, but the existence of a low tier console is clearly an annoyance for some devs. Many dev teams already transitioned away from cross-gen development internally, so having to support a lower tier console can certainly slow things down.

Popsicle798d ago

I wish they would. Not only does the S hold the X back, but it holds PS5 3rd party back as well. I would be very happy if they threw this sku in the dumpster, but I do not see how they can considering customers who purchased this should be entitled to support for most if not all of the generation. I like both the X and the PS5, but I have never liked the S from the day it was introduced. It was obvious from day one that this would be a ball and chain holding back true next gen gaming.

DarkkMinion798d ago

I'm getting one just because of your comment. Let the down votes begin. My body is ready.

Atticus_finch798d ago

Have fun with last gen version of current games.

Kavorklestein798d ago

@ Atticus
I say, where is the fun in worrying that much about what he likes?

Don't you have better things to worry about in your life?

CobraKai798d ago

They wanted a low cost next gen console to push Game Pass on. Something more casual gamers can easily bite into without breaking the bank.

Popsicle798d ago

This is exactly why it was invented. A low cost Game Pass machine. Nothing more and nothing less.

Jin_Sakai798d ago

I’m pretty sure Remedy don’t know what they’re talking about. Xbox fans on this very site said the opposite.

GamerRN798d ago

Did you guys even read the article? Cherry picking that quote is very misleading. He said it'll be even easier this generation to do since newer games will be easier to optimize.

Overall, I think the PS5 brings down the X, and the S brings down both, and low end PCs that are 5 years old bring them all down...

StoneyYoshi798d ago (Edited 798d ago )

The quote was cherry picked because thats what everyone has been saying in regards to what it requires to scale a game down for the Series S to run the game well.

Yes it will be easier to optimize but its not just a simple cut and paste process to get it scaled for the lesser hardware like people were assuming.

DJStotty798d ago

They released the Series S as an entry level price range for next-gen.

The new games on the horizon, will be taking advantage of the Series S specs not available on last-gen consoles.

It is just an option, for those that want to experience next-gen games, like Fable, avowed, ES6 etc among others that will only be released for next-gen without the price tag.

Bronbron92798d ago

Xbox is being very complicated honestly I mean before these consoles I think they came out saying they don’t care about the console sales.... but they release a cheap model of it lol idk I agree it was pointless making this series s, should’ve just made a digital one just like Sony with the same specs

spwittbold797d ago

I really didn't understand this for the longest time, but to a degree it actually makes sense. Especially for GamePass. Given GamePass only streams MOSTLY at 720p and is only just getting upped to 1080p, it seems like the ideal choice for any casual gamer who just wants to sit down and play different stuff here and there without much hassle and breaking the bank.

DeusFever797d ago (Edited 797d ago )

Because there will always be bargain shoppers buying the cheapest option. Usually, the cheapest option is the old console. Microsoft and Sony have sold cheaper, suckier versions of their consoles before. Even Nintendo has the Switch Lite.

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masterfox798d ago

MS shoot themselves in the foot with the Xbox Series S, even thou devs releases exclusively for the Xbox, gamers will never see the advantages or power performance with the Xbox Series X cause devs need to take into consideration their game needs to run also almost the same on the low spec hardware, is just common sense this will happen for their future releases, also multiplatform games will be affected as well if third party are planning to release their game in the Xbox.

InUrFoxHole798d ago

Wrong again! Ty for your time.


Is that your years of game development speaking?

sho0ok360798d ago

Bro, if you think the S is holding gaming back, you're sadly mistakin.

Any game that releases on pc is the one holding gaming back. Every one of them games needs to meet the minimum requirements of very low end PC. Which is considerably lower spec than the S.

DARK_WOLF798d ago

Wrong on PC they set minimum and maximum as they see fit for their game. Quite often new games will not run on peoples pc which then forces them to upgrade if they so desire.

sho0ok360798d ago

@Dark_WOLF do you think that this is happening for all games right now?

Lets say the new CoD game or returnal, will it run on a pc with lower spec than the S? Only spec bump I see changing soon for pc spec is the SSD, which the S already have. The rest is scalable most of the time.

MadLad798d ago

Not even close to being right. A true 180, actually.
Developers base their minimum and recommended requirements around what engine they are using, and what they are trying to achieve.
The more gaming tech moves forward, as is the minimum requirements needed to run new games. You don't meet those requirements? Oh well; time to buy some newer parts.

On console, if you're game is barely functioning on the hardware, you get situations like Cyberpunk where refunds may be required, and potential lawsuits for "not fit for purpose" can be had.

sho0ok360798d ago


I don't see where my comment is 180 from what I said. You just said it's not fixed and depends on engine ..etc.

But still it can be scale down graphics which depends on gpu. The S has very fast cpu and SSD where most game designs depend on.

iplay1up2798d ago

Uh, I am not a PC gamer,but you are WRONG! If you look at PC games they have a MINIMUM REQUIREMENT to run games even at the lowest settings.

sho0ok360798d ago

@iplay1up2 I know they have a minimum requirements, that what I said in this thread.

But what am trying to explain is the series S has little bit higher spec than most of the minimum requirements for PC games.

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DJStotty798d ago


I think you are either ignorant, or do not understand game development. They program for the Series X, and they can use the API's to downscale the game to Series S, no impact on the game whatsoever.

How do you think PC developers get there games running on 100's of different combinations of hardware?

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Knightofelemia798d ago

Microsoft should have followed in the same shoes as Sony a PS5 with a disc drive and one with out the disc drive they are the same spec machine. I understand trying to get to a price point but in all honesty Series S is a waste of cash you're better off buying a series X. Microsoft should have just made the series S the same specs as the Series X.

Shiken798d ago

I like a lot of what MS has been doing lately, but the Series S was such a fking stupid decision IMO. When mid gen refresh comes out, Series S will hold everything back on all platforms since MS is now obligated to have every Series X game playable.

Only potential that it adds is for Nintendo and a Switch 2, because the gap will already be forced to be smaller than it could be.

-Foxtrot798d ago

So basically...something will end up getting held back eventually.

I don't want to see Elder Scrolls VI release only to hear Bethesda had to make some changes because Microsoft wanted it to run almost the same on the Series S, things which couldn't just be achieved with lowering resolution and textures.

badz149798d ago

err...where have you been? things are already being held back by the SS

DJStotty798d ago

Which game has been held back? people keep saying it, but it doesn't matter how many times you say it, it is still a load of dump.

badz149798d ago


just because you refuse to see them, doesn't mean they don't exist.

DJStotty798d ago


Microsoft are not pushing for parity between S and X, not quite sure where you pulled that crock of s*&t from.

"Microsoft wanted it to run almost the same on the Series S"

Source for your bizarre claim please?

kayoss798d ago (Edited 798d ago )

wanting and actually executing it are two different things. I want to be billionaire doesnt mean that i will or can be a billionaire.
I know what microsoft is aiming for but realistically, they might not able to do that. first party games, they can probably do it. But when it comes to third party games. the developers of third party games might not want to do it because it requires work and resources. Which at the end may not pay off.