Making Sense of the Genshin Impact 1.5 Patch Leak Drama

KeenGamer: "Drama from the Genshin Impact community surfaced as a leaker called BigBoss suddenly entered the fray and disrupted the peace that once governed its land. Confusion followed as a 4chan post contained a lot of misinformation that turned the community against the leakers. This article is here to help clear things out and inform those out of the loop."

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Kaii179d ago

I don't know what coin I land on personally, these leaks showcasing the new playable characters & 5* weapon make people hold off purchasing these current 1.4 banners, the game urgently needs support characters and I'm seeing 2h cryo 5* user in 1.5 when I've already got Diluc -_-

Account security should be a priority, not tweeting your dislike on datamining clients you dropped publicly.
Though If my job is to relay upcoming patch information & these leaks happened it'd screw with how I'd want to present the following information.

blackblades179d ago

Yeah, makes me wanna hold off on venti and wait for these new characters as f2p by the way. As for leaks epic seven had them with datamines but they changed it by having more streams of info on the future content which these guys should do the same.

cartoonx1178d ago

leak wouldn't even matter to most people if only we had clearer info on future content and a roadmap.

Teflon02176d ago

BINGO, this. They want to hide everything until last second so you waste primos and such ahead of time then you gotta top up to try get your choice characters. I personally don't feel bad for them at all. They just made billion but crying lol

SDuck178d ago

"The screenshot had to be censored as slurs were dropped"
next line: "shitstorm" lol

About this matter, here's my take:
-I think Mihoyo should stop allowing access to the beta version to the public. These leaks have been happening over and over and they don't seem to learn their lesson.
-Call me crazy but I think Mihoyo doesn't make a 2FA system because they're chinese and we know chinese companies invade their user's private data all the time and a 2FA system would make that harder.

Teflon02176d ago

This, if they don't want leaks, stop having public closed beta's like there's not always going to be someone leaking it lol.

Can't feel sorry for a company that doesn't care to secure the players data either, especially when they made a billion in half a year