An Interview with David Jaffe on God of War and Industry Trends | Gaming Instincts

David Jaffe was kind enough to join the cast of The Game Pack podacst to answer some questions about devloping God of War.

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Storm2392d ago

Yeah for sure. Hard to read at times but still interesting. Wonder if he will ever get back into the industry. Pretty cool his legacy still lives on with the new God if War releases . Can’t wait for Ragnarok.

sourOG92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

This definitely needed to be a podcast. The whole “game prices” discussion probably lasted a few seconds but what a f***ing chore to read through. I guess that’s why I like one on one interviews. It’s not 4 people having an opinion back and forth on a dumb question.

neutralgamer199292d ago

I really want david jaffe to comeback to sony and build a brand new IP

Vengeance113892d ago

Really don't think Jaffe has what it takes anymore to make anything relevant in todays industry, quite the shell of his former self.

Levii_9291d ago

Interview with DAVID JAFFE (God of War director) .. remember guys he's associated with God of War he's important .. HE DIRECTED THE FIRST GOD OF WAR like 100 years ago.