WorthPlaying Review - 'Everlight: Of Magic & Power'

WorthPlaying: "Ask any PC gaming kid of the '90s about their favorite titles of the decade, and a few familiar names will pop up: Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island, Sam and Max Hit the Road and Simon the Sorcerer. All of these games are point-and-clicks, a genre that mysteriously went from being a massive cash cow to being a rare novelty in the space of a few years. You could be forgiven for assuming that Everlight is the spiritual successor to the last one on this list, since it was developed by Silver Style, the creators of the fourth Simon the Sorcerer game, but the sad truth is that Everlight: Of Magic & Power isn't so much a poor man's Simon the Sorcerer as a homeless man's. Simon was already a poor man's LucasArts game, so most adventure gamers can move on - or read on to find out why playing this was such a tedious experience.

The premise is actually fairly promising, if a little on the hackneyed side. Melvin, our future Harry Potter wannabe, is transported to some kind of fantasy land after heading into a shop to get out of the rain, and he must conquer his fears (neatly dividing the game into chapters) in order to graduate as a full-fledged wizard. To do this, he must solve the curse of the town he's in, whereby citizens become their polar opposites after nightfall: thrifty folks become gamblers, law abiders become criminals and an octogenarian villager becomes a creepy dominatrix prostitute. You can switch between day and night at any time, and a few of the puzzles follow the Day of the Tentacle mold, where you have to do things in the day to cause something to happen at night."

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