WorthPlaying Review - 'Scene It? Box Office Smash'

WorthPlaying: "The follow-up title comes with either the pack-in Big Button Pads that the first one had, or you can pick up the standalone game for $20 less if you purchased the initial bundle a year ago. This time out, there's also the addition of online play and the use of the new avatars from the NXE update, even though I couldn't quite figure out how to use my created avatar in the game yet (I'm assuming there will be a patch for that). Outside of a couple additions, the gameplay seems to stay pretty similar to what we had before, and while I believe there are a few new puzzle additions, the idea and how the game plays will be familiar to anyone who's played a Scene It? title in the past.

Ideally, Box Office Smash is designed to be played with up to four players, and it works best with a full group. There is a single-player mode that allows you to go through a 10-puzzle block, with score multipliers that rack up your tally as you advance through the ranks, but by the time you finish, you'll realize that playing a trivia game by yourself isn't exactly ideal. However, when you're going up against three other opponents, especially those who can hold their own with movie trivia, the experience is definitely enjoyable, and it also allows for a few different options when it comes to game modes."

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