Atari Primed For A Big 2009

PSXextreme Reports:Yesterday, we heard all about Atari's 2009 projects, and when we saw the headline, we admit to being somewhat underwhelmed. After all, Atari hasn't really wowed the crowd in this new generation just yet, although a few gems (like N+ for the PSP) have popped up here and there.

But has anybody noticed that 2009 may be a year of rejuvenation for the veteran publisher? We always wondered if former Sony executive and current Atari president Phil Harrison would have an immediate impact, and while we can't attribute all these promising new projects directly to him, there's no arguing that Atari may issue some great projects next year. We really can't wait for the sequel/remake, The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, the new entries in the Neverwinter Nights and Baldur's Gate franchises will turn a lot of heads, the Ghostbusters video game is looking surprisingly good, and the console iteration, The Witcher: Rise of the Wolf should be worthy of any role-playing fan's attention. Perhaps what impressed us most about all this are the debut trailers that came with these announcements, and we strongly suggest you check 'em out right now:

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The Killer5169d ago (Edited 5169d ago )

but i hope i dont see cheap low quality games because they r focusing on the casual market now!