Sony Needs to Bang Down Valve's Door to Get Half-Life: Alyx on PS5's PSVR

"Steam works"

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CaptainHenry91686d ago (Edited 86d ago )

That would be awesome. It's a great game and I enjoyed it

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LucasRuinedChildhood85d ago

Could be a big title that's planned to launch alongside PSVR2

SullysCigar85d ago

I think you're right. And Valve already hinted at the possibility of playing in on other VR systems right after they launched the game, so I'd actually expect it to be announced in the near future too.

AKS85d ago

That is what I've been thinking. We already know they'll make killer Astro Bot games. Astro Bot 2 and Half-Life: Alyx would be a great start in a year or two. The PS5 actually has the CPU power to run a game like this. The huge CPU upgrade from a Jaguar (not great even when it was new let alone 7 to 8 years later) to current Ryzen tech should be massive for PSVR2, particularly for the necessary high frame rate and physics for games like this.

roadkillers85d ago

I agree, great game and getting it to most systems should be Valve's goal. Correct me, but I believe their goal was to expand VR

AKS85d ago

I got my first taste of VR with a discounted PSVR bundle along with a bunch of games on incredible PSN Store sales. I have a PC and PS5; I'm putting off upgrading to a better headset until I know more about PSVR2. I'm expecting the PSVR2 to be a pretty good value, but I need to see the details. The controllers look very nice. I'm hoping for HL: Alyx, Astro Bot: RM 2, and maybe a VR Horizon game.

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masterfox86d ago

Who knows, that would it be a very sturdy door.

phoenixwing86d ago

I want valve to like Sony as much as the next fan but valve has a history of anymosity toward Sony consoles

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Michiel198985d ago

you mean that time when Gabe Newell went on playstation stage at E3 to announce portal 2 for playstation?

ritchi4585d ago

The same E3 where he was introduced to Kevin Butler, VP of Sharpening Things backstage. Damn that was a good E3

warriorcase85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Hasn't every Valve game been on a Playstation console bar artifact and Dota 2?

NeoGamer23285d ago

The argument here is invalid.

On one hand extreme Sony fans say, "Exclusives are good and why would Sony put its exclusives on other platforms". Then, on the other hand they seem to think that everything not on PS5 should be a third party game on PS5. Extreme Sony fans cannot have it both ways.

Valve is a competitor with Sony indirectly. Steam is a platform for gaming just like the PSN and PSNow is a competitor to Steam's Cloud Play. If Sony fans want Half-Life Alyx on PS5 then TLOU, Uncharted, Ghosts, Demon's Souls, etc. should all be on Steam.

isarai85d ago

How is it invalid when just about every valve game has been multiplatform? And with PSVR it only makes sense to put it on there, unless they really want to leave a bunch of money on the table.

NeoGamer23285d ago (Edited 85d ago )

You seem to be out-of-date on knowledge about Valve games.

Valve's last console game was in 2013. Counter Strike Global Offensive.

Since then they have avoided consoles. More and more, the big companies are competing with each other because both are expanding into each other's ecosystems.

The companies are choosing to leave money on the table. Sony is doing so as well with their exclusives. No one can tell me that games like Uncharted, TLOU, Ghosts, Demo's Souls, Bloodbourne, etc. would not sell well on PC, XB, and Nintendo platforms. Sony is being strategic about what platforms they put their games on just like all the other vendors are. I think it is wrong, because they are forcing hardware sales on people that want to play certain games, but Sony is the king of exclusivity and everyone else is following the leadership they are evangelizing.

generic-user-name85d ago

Do you think Half Life Alyx is exclusive to the Valve Index?

NeoGamer23284d ago

No, of course not. VR has been added as a Windows platform capability so there is no reason to make it exclusive.

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Magog85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Would it really be that hard to animate some arms to go along with the floating hands? Even if they were janky it would be be less distracting than having them just floating there.

igorgum85d ago

No, when you're in vr it's the inverse.
Literally all vr arms implementations I came across didn't match my real arm positions most of the time, and took me out of the game way more than floating hands...

Magog85d ago

I've played VR. I find the floating hands distracting.

Neonridr85d ago

@HusbandAndWifeGaming - and seeing your body contort into unrealistic positions is distracting too.

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