King Of Wasteland Gameplay & Characters Preview - CG

CG writes: Here is a look at the rather cool looking characters in the free-to-play Android/PC game, King of Wasteland which is available via Developed by Hokori Inc. the game offers a strategy/management game FOR ADULTS ONLY. We also give an overview of the King of Wasteland gameplay on PC using the NOX Android emulator. Is this free-to-play game worth it now after just over a year since it released?

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bunt-custardly53d ago

That might work if they kept the unlockable outfits (and made some fresh one for console audiences) but removed the adult content.

Dark_Overlord53d ago

Or the console manufacturers realise that the average age of gamers is 35ish and stop playing nanny with them :/

Just create a whole seperate section on the store that requires an initial verification and a password everytime you try to access that part of the store.

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SDuck53d ago

sign up now and get Johnny Sins as a limited character

53d ago