The Evil Within First Person Mode Gameplay (Xbox Gamepass PC Version)

CG writes: Bethesda on Xbox Game Pass now has some additions to its game from Tango Softworks (Shinji Mikami) The Evil Within on PC. Players can now choose a first person viewpoint from the start of the game once they have linked a Bethesda account. Other options include FOV slider and lantern icons, alongside an increase in stamina, infinite ammo mode, and camera bob settings.

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CaptainHenry916128d ago

More old games to talk about on N4g

sho0ok360128d ago

Go play the newly launched games. Oh wait.. there ain't any..

CaptainHenry916128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Evil Within came out in 2014 🥱 I've played lots of new games last year and this year. We shouldn't be talking about a game that came out 7 years ago 🙄

SDuck128d ago

GTA5 came out before that and guess what...
Old games are always worth talking about as long as they were good. Just keep scrolling next time if it upsets you so much

Highrevz128d ago

Don’t make it out to be about the games it’s the platform you have issue with 🙄

TheRealTedCruz127d ago

He was really excited when Silent Hill 2 got some visual improvements on the PC, and that game is *gasp* even older than 2014!!!!!

The kid is just full of it. You go through his comments, and it's nothing but backhanded compliments towards the gamepass service, itself, and cheerleading for Sony.

LoveSpuds128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Cracking game in my opinion and the sequel is so under appreciated. I don't necessarily see the issue with talking about older games like this but I can see the point others are making, it does highlight just how poor MS's output is.

128d ago
Redgehammer128d ago

A first person mode, the fps boosted, seem like reasons to talk about them.

Viking_mo128d ago

I really hope there's a 3rd one in development

bunt-custardly128d ago

Tango are working on Ghostwire: Tokyo.