Is Star Citizen Worth Backing In 2021?

From Xfire: "Depending on how you look at it, the history of 'crowd funded space-sim passion project turned industry defying development landmark' Star Citizen stretches back to either 2012, or much further into the past, to the golden age of the genre.

Here we are, almost a decade after the title was announced, and the crowdfunding continues. Amid all the news, the announced features the playable modules and the various controversies, one question stands out - is Star Citizen worth backing in 2021?"

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iplay1up254d ago

It has been in development forever! Finally releasing this year, so YES!

Neonridr53d ago

is it actually releasing? I know it's a playable game now, but will it ever be "finished"?

Tiqila53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Only way they will finish the game is if they run out of funds. So no, backing now is not worth it unless you want to postpone the release date. Better wait and buy the full game later...

rlow153d ago

@ iplay1up2 They have broken so many launch dates I don't see how you can trust them. They have been given tons of money but have consistently pushed those launches back. Then they turn around and ask for more money. This was supposed to come out like ten years ago. That said, I hope I'm wrong and they follow through and launch this year.

lelo2play53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Of course it's worth backing. Not everyone working on the game has a Ferrari yet...

Don't forget. Give them more money. There are few people over there that still haven't got Ferrari's.

Azurite53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Will take a while to get the current 700ish employees a Ferrari each, especially if they keep hiring more people.

andy8553d ago

Well it's raised 350 million. At 700 employees that's 500k each. Easily enough for a Ferrari.

Azurite53d ago

If you ignore other costs such as purchases, rents, salaries and so on over the years and they still somehow managed to produce what they've produced so far that people want to spend money on, absolutely.

Sieden48d ago

Smol brain people on this site

Darkborn53d ago

When was it ever worth backing?

anast53d ago

Why not? We buy partial games at full price from Activision, Ubitsoft and EA. Just throw Star Cit. in on the buggery.

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The story is too old to be commented.