Xbox Smart Delivery Turned Out To Be A Pretty Big Deal

When Microsoft started slipping the made-up phrase “Smart Delivery” into all of its Xbox Series X/S marketing last year, it seemed like just another pair of empty buzzwords. Surely all games would just simply work after you installed them on your expensive new hardware, whether they supported Microsoft’s catchphrase or not. Not quite!

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aconnellan50d ago

“First, they had to make sure both versions of the game were downloaded and updated on the console. Then they had to migrate their save data over. Hours and dozens of GB of data later, they could delete the PS4 version and finally get to playing.”

“Marvel’s Avengers itself was also acting up, with the in-game option to migrate save data not appearing for some players. It took Crystal Dynamics several tweets and a dedicated FAQ on PlayStation’s website to explain the process.”

“On Xbox Series X/S, meanwhile, things just worked.“

Good to hear, and hopefully the process gets easier on PS. I seem to remember a lot of people calling Smart Delivery glorified BC, and that PS5 did exactly the same thing, it’ll be interesting to get their thoughts

Risky_2450d ago

I wish a similar system was implemented on the PS5. On Xbox I never worry about my progress since it just syncs across all my Xbox consoles and is something I never think about. I have an Xbox Series X in my living room, an Xbox One X in the bedroom and an Xbox One S at my sister's house for when I visit and all I do is switch on the respective console and play; it's that simple.
I honestly don't know why so many Playstation fans try to downplay this feature instead of expressing their desire to have it on the platform. It's a beneficial feature to have regardless of your view on the competition.

darthv7250d ago

I didnt know the saves were done to the cloud until I joined project xcloud. I started trying out gears 4 on my phone and when it loaded up my save from my one x I was like... holy crap this is cool.

I recently got the SS and installed jedi fallen order from EA access and it too pulled my save from when I started on my one x.

But..... isnt this all part of their initial "always online" that they got roasted over? We are more connected than ever before so it doesnt really bother me. I just find it interesting.

Promachos49d ago

You forgot to put another 2 at bathroom and kitchen

Risky_2448d ago

@Promachos Thank you for your suggestion, Here at Risky_24 we really value your feedback and will pass it on to the relevant team. Thanks again!

@darthv72 This is completely independent of the always online fiasco. I think the main issue with the always online were the huge restrictions that applied if you were unable to go online. not everyone have solid connections and also not everyone wants to be online.

monkey60250d ago

I had a similar experience as the quote you mentioned.

I had to borrow a friend's PS4 version of Spiderman to carry my progress over on the PS5 because I sold the game off without exporting the save in preparation.

I had to download Control ultimate edition on my PS4 just to update the save file so that I could use it on the PS5.

And I had to download Rainbow 6 Siege again on my PS4 just to update the save file.

All that fuss and it should be simple really. Save file is in cloud. Ps5 reads save file.

S2Killinit50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

This only applies when you want to continue playing a game you started on PS4 yeah? Not a big deal for me to be honest. Although i can imagine some games might be long running games where data transfer is an issue? Destiny maybe? Although my brother didnt have any problems on that with his PS5... idk

amazinglover50d ago

Destiny saves your character data server side and has done so for years using that game as an example isn't an apt comparison. As Bungie themselves ties your game data too your account across all platforms.

SpineSaw50d ago

My thoughts.........Good to know that it "just worked" for the 12 people playing this game.... That's great!

aconnellan49d ago

“This news is too good, must think of something bad... uh, um... not many people play the game in the article! Ha, that’ll learn them”

I’m just going to assume that you’re not interested in discussing properly if that’s your response. It’s a great feature, and one that I hope PS gets (or at least hope they make the current process easier). We should be demanding better features from our console manufacturers, not finding excuses to downplay ones on the opposite console of choice

SpineSaw49d ago

Oh I think you misread what I said.... I was saying around 15 gamers play this unpopular super hero game... Say 10 gamers on the PlayStation Platform, 3 on PC and 2 gamers on Xbox that make up the 15. And the fact that whatever this girl in this article was talking about I was saying its great that it "just worked" for them... "Not sure why anyone would take offense to that". "Them" being the 2 people that play the game on Xbox. Plus the dude that I was responding to ask for "thoughts" and that dude being "you"! So I gave my thoughts. And as far as this being as you put it a "good feature" well that's your thought and that's great enjoy it I'm sure it'll come in handy with the old BC games on the retro box that is Xbox.

1Victor49d ago

Same as the share bottom was a big deal last gen and Microsoft copied it this gen expect Sony to do something similar or better for PlayStation by the next year or so like it or not that’s how the gaming industry and the world work

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CrimsonWing6950d ago

Yea, I’m kind of shocked Sony didn’t implement a similar feature. I wonder if they could patch it in in the future, it’s not like a huge deal but there’s some extra hoops to jump through compared to what you have to do for smart delivery.

kindi_boy50d ago

I'm not really PS is essentially a Japanese product they are not really that accustomed to making their customers lives easy, case 'n point Nintendo's take on voice chat and Nintendo's history in general when it comes to the internet. Google Nintendo senior execs and the internet it was an alien concept to them for a very long time and still is.

kindi_boy50d ago

Those who don't know this are either ignorant or dumb, or a fanboy so both.

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