Piracy: Nintendo's new DSi already hacked

It seems that enterprising hackers have already destroyed Nintendo's best laid anti-piracy plans, having already cracked the new DSi with an R4DS-like device doing the rounds in Japan.

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GrieverSoul3695d ago

Sad news for the DS but we gotta say it still sells software like candy!

X360 has been pirated and still manages to outsell some of its rivals in game to console attach ratio.

The only one that stands still against piracy is the PS3! Serious! No one can manage to crack the beast! Still, it finishes last!

On light of this, is piracy really that bad? lol

IMPORTANT NOTE: I do not endorse piracy! Im against it in any way possible!

noxeven3695d ago

Okie so nintendo made yet another bloody system. To combat piracy, right okie sure. Well I can say that I cant really see people upgrading to this system. Anyone that pirates stuff is already set with there ds and r4 chip unless this beauty offers new games I dont really see anyone that buys games upgrading either. I know a lot of customers have been saying to me at work that they wont upgrade unless they get new games cause they are tired of spending the money.