GTA IV PC: Many Problems Exist But Rockstar is on Top of the Issues

If you recently bought the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV and are experiencing any minor to major difficulties, you're not alone. This is a PC release of a GTA game with the single most problems ever. This version of the game was outsourced and developed in Canada at Rockstar Toronto and this might have something to do with the problems, we honestly can't say for sure. But I'm sure you all expected to have a fully working game when you meet the listed hardware and software requirements.

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jakethesnake3697d ago

Blame it on Canada! I see how it is ;)

Sano643697d ago

Rockstar is stupid for releasing a broken version of their game before it was ready to be shipped! If they think they can patch thee way out of this one they are sadly mistaken. Congratulations you just lost another customer.

theEnemy3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Thousands of PC Gamers currently Beta Testing GTA:IV (PC)


evrfighter3696d ago

indeed become a gta IV beta tester, it'll only cost you 50 bucks.

Redback9113696d ago

"We are aware that a small number of fans are having problems running GTA IV on their PCs"

Are they serious? These guys are becoming politicians. When will people accept their responsibilities. The game runs like utter crap on even the newest PCs. I have the PS3 version, but still went out and purchased the PC version. My PC is a few months old and can be considered "high spec". Even on the lowest settings, the best FPS I get is 17. I cannot log into the social network and windows live crashes every time I try to log in, which means I cannot save any progress even if I wanted to play the game. I have spent days trying to resolve the problems. This is a complete waste of time of the game was released too early. I opened a trouble ticket with 2K Games and the poor support engineer told me they are overwhelmed with GTA IV PC customer problems.