The Enduring Hope of VR on Xbox

Microsoft still isn't interested, giving Sony's PS5 a clear advantage.

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TheGreatGazoo3051d ago

The world isn't interested in VR yet, it's a very niche product that isn't ready yet. IMO it never will be. Putting on a headset that blocks out the world around you and the limitations of movement due to motion sickness are too big of hurdles to overcome for it to be a mass market success.

Zhipp50d ago

I can see M$ eventually releasing an affordable VR headset to rejuvenate sales a la Kinect with the 360. For the time being though it seems they feel their focus is better placed elsewhere, and I agree.

ocelot0750d ago

They all ready have many very good vr headsets. They have Microsoft Windows mixed relaity.

Gridknac50d ago

Simple solution, allow all vr headsets currently on the market to plug and play on series x. There is no need to have their own headset. What would really be a boon is if you could use psvr headsets too.

NeoGamer23250d ago

I really think MS needs to be razor focused on ensuring all the first party studios are creating great games.

VR is expensive and that makes it a niche product. Focusing on VR when over a span of 4 years you have purchased about 15 studios is not the right place to put your attention.