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green-cigarettes 3697d ago

well, im going to definetely buy this map pack. Mirrors edge is one of THE best games ive played this year. Alot of people say is too short to justify a purchase but the gameplay is so sweet that for me it was worth every single penny.

Forbidden_Darkness3697d ago

Same here, ME is an amazing game and these time trial courses look awesome as hell!

Dragunov3697d ago

These content needs to be already in the disc, the game is too short. Really hating all this DLC ripoff

T-Baggins3697d ago

I realy like all the difrent colors, I will be picking this up sooner rather then later.

Yi-Long3697d ago

... but DLC like this has made me not buy games at full price anymore.
I'll wait till the game is 20 bucks orso, cause you already now before the game comes out that they will DLC 'scam' you pretty soon after release.

I doubt I'll ever get the DLC. I like the colours and it looks really cool, but I just prefer a little more realistic setting, instead of a bunch of squares floating in open space