What's Up With The North American & UK PSP December Game Line Up?

So it is first week of December and I decided to look at the new PSP game line up for this month and my jaw nearly hit the floor. What is up with the very meager December PSP line-up? I would understand if the November line-up was chalk full of huge releases like the PS3 with Resistance 2 and Xbox 360's Fable 2. But a lass that is not true in this case.

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LokMessier3699d ago

Yeah...I'm still cringing at the fact the Dissidia is still TBA :/

Harry1903699d ago

Dissidia from Play

I don't think you really need to understand Japanese to enjoy the game.

One thing is for sure, the PSP is going to sell like hotcakes on December the 18th.

LokMessier3699d ago

But was hoping ncsx would have had it [since they are based in new york and have quite a few Japanese titles] oh well though. I keep forgetting that the PSP isn't region locked.

ZombieButcher3699d ago

I checked the UK PSN and they had Loco Roco 2 up on there. Why can't we get it on the US PSN store?