Next-Gen: The Backwards-Compatibility Anomaly

The PlayStation 5 has beat out Series X in many multiplatform comparisons to varying degrees. Last-gen games, however, showcase a major role reversal with Series X offering a more tangible advantage.

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isarai54d ago

It's not an anomaly, MS spent all last gen working on their BC software, Sony just started. Will we see it expand to meet MSs version? Who knows, would be cool, but i wouldn't hold my breath. Just greatful we get any for of BC honestly

phoenixwing54d ago

this mentality melts away once you get a pc. then it's not about luck it's about gaming with a complete library :)

Sunny1234554d ago

Lol complete library with not a single exclusive goty in the last 10 years. I think pc had like 2 exclusive games above the meta of 90 online past 5-7 years. No thanks to your mediocre library

phoenixwing54d ago

You have to be really delusional to hate on pc gaming library that spans around 40 years.

isarai54d ago

I have a PC, it isn't that easy, especially with older games where you have to start running off dos, fiddling with compatibility modes or virtual machines. Sure modern games are fine, but if we're talking going back as far as consoles, it's not easy

AndrewM54d ago

Just recently got a gaming pc for first time in over 12 years....and your comment is still dumb.

Dragonopolis53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Its not a totally dumb comment but a bit harsh. As far as a full library..... most are generic knock offs of popular games within their genre. 60%-70% of the games are blah on pc.

Add in all the cheaters and exploiters makes online pc gaming not fun.

Also in the PC world the regular gamer who has the most expensive hardware is at major advantage over those gamers who stick to basic controls mechanisms. Great Hardware goes a long way in overcoming poor strategies. Hardware can make or brake a gamer, no matter how good they are, and paying for premium PC hardware is a must for any serious gamer on PC

Type 40 or more wordspm and a macro keyboard is godlike on PC

NapalmSanctuary52d ago


You're missing the point dude. With PC you don't just get PC games, you get ALL the games.

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darthv7254d ago (Edited 54d ago )

I love that the new hardware is bringing a new lease on life to existing games. Hell... I'd love it if Sony could add in PS3 support at some point as well. I know i will get disagrees who think new machine means 'only' new games but we are seeing new experiences with existing games. So why not embrace the benefits of making something old feel new again?

Orchard54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Totally agree - I would love PS3 backwards compatibility. I'd love to replay MGS4 on a modern console at 60FPS (or even a stable 30fps if Konami won't patch it - the game struggles a bit on PS3).

Fist4achin54d ago

Full BC would be the greatest!

dmonee54d ago

Are we still doing this? I thought fanboy articles were a ps3, xbox360 thing?


Thank God last gen games are BC and better than ever because if it weren't for them we'd all still be playing Demon's Soul's and The Medium for the last 5 months....