Record Xbox 360 sales in November

Microsoft today announced that November was the biggest sales month for Xbox in its six-year European history, with sales up 124 per cent over last November.

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Omega43701d ago

Good for them, wouldnt surprise if they break 30ml by the end of the year

At the rate they're going its looking quite possible

Bl00dVayn33701d ago

With the Arcade only costing parents $199 and with Fable II, Gears of War II, and kid friendly Banjo Kazooie recently released, and other multiplatform games like Fallout 3, Prince of Persia, and Call of Duty WaW, and the release of NXE with Netflix, it could be a VERY strong month of December as well. That, and I still am not seeing any Nintendo Wii's in local stores..... whats the deal with that? They still can't produce enough?

Xbox Street Gang3701d ago

Doubt it. Everybody knows rrod replacements don't count...

Karum3701d ago

Genuine question here.

Can you even use Netflix in Europe?

If not then it isn't really a driver for sales.

The Killer3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

if all these new 360s being sold still have RROD problem!

if 360 fixed it then its good news, i want them to give sony a run for their money so they cut the prices soon too!! but unfortunately i think the RROD problem is still existing and at high rates but less than 15% which is still high! and MS needs to stop counting the defected consoles as sold consoles!!

sony needs to learn a lesson to not take their enemies so lightly!

but i can tell u that even with 360's price cut, ps3 will still outsell the 360 in europe this year!!


i hope u r right, but the problem is that 20+ million people already bought the old manufactured 360s!

Bl00dVayn33701d ago

Well, we can still use it here in America, and last time I checked, there are millions of parents out there in America that like to buy gifts for their kids too...... did that really fly over your head? Nowhere did I specify that I was talking about Europe. The OP was talking about the 360 can hit 30 million worldwide by the end of the year, and I gave reasons why I agree with his comment.

ceedubya93701d ago

I dont' think the issue will ever be completely fixed. It is a piece of electronic hardware, and all hardware like this has the potential to be faulty or has that chance of breaking down at some point.

The key is if Microsoft has been able to to bring the number of hardware failures down to a reasonable amount. It seems as though it has gotten better since the issue was acknowledged, and with the new machines being made, it is hopeful that things are still getting better.

Tarasque3701d ago

WOW is all i can say about your statement, i mean seriously re-read your statement. "and MS needs to stop counting the defected consoles as sold consoles!! " So if i buy a 360 and 5 months later it RROD that shouldn't be counted as a sale? Or maybe you are saying MS is giving consoles away that are defected? Or maybe you can explain yourself.

PopEmUp3701d ago

please be more logic, there is no way 360 can get upto 30m, saying "wouldnt surprise if they break 30ml by the end of the year" is showing that you don't really used your brain at all. even at the bias chart VGchart showing around 24m 360 sold ww, but at that rate there is no way it would sold 5-6m more, I would be really surprise it really gonna happen

The Killer3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

i meant that if u get RROD after 5 months and they cant repair it or the damage was severe and will cost a lot to repair and time consuming then they will either give u a used one but fixed or just give u a new 360, and of course MS count this as sales since all they can count is their shipment consoles!

we can only be sure about the numbers if MS counts all the defected consoles which i dont think they will ever do!

beside how many times u hear a 360 owner have 2 or 3 360s?? i heard so many that i cant count!!

the only way to be sure of their sales is by looking at NPD number for USA and something similar in europe!! they will reveal the truth but NOT vgchartz

jaysquared3701d ago

I dont think M$ counts consoles that they replace as a sale. I'm pretty sure there are alot of people who bought new 360s though because they got from xbl, 360 broke without the RROD, better system from HDMI and if you want to take out those consoles sold then Sony should also stop counting PS2 sales that had problems with the laser, owners who upgraded to the PS2 slim, PS2s that just broke in general and weren't covered by a 3 year warranty like MS does. So if Sony was to do that then the PS2 total sales would only be 50 million.

Sanzee3701d ago

I'm sorry your console is losing the war, but that doesn't mean you can hurt our feelings :'(

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Dark_Vendetta3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

I would agree if there wasn't this fuc*ing RROD. Sorry but I'm so pissed right now. I've spent countless money (I bet more than 900€) for the Xbox360 and the games, and what happened? Yes I got the RROD today. The problem is I have a launch 360. If you don't believe me look for my old posts (I've never said anything against the 360). I have the money to buy another 360 but this just shouldn't happen and that's why I don't want to buy anything from MS again. On the other hand,
I have far too many friends and too many games (sure I could sell them, and buy them again on the Ps3) to change the console. This is a fuc*ed up situation, damn you MS

Tarasque3701d ago

Yeah well it happens, you better be grateful you have had it that long. All you have to do is send it back and they will fix it no big deal. Put it to you this way. I am on my 2nd 360 since launch. I am on my 3rd PS3 since launch so go figure. And excluded 5 PS2's. And 4 PS1's. When it comes to electronics it doesn't last forever.

Dark_Vendetta3701d ago

wow that must hurt. But I think you didn't read my post completely. Since it's a launch 360, I don't have a warranty anymore, and thats why I'm pissed off. I'll try to convince the support to repair it since I will keep on buying a lot of games.
btw: thx for all the disagrees and taking away a bubble just because I stated the truth. If you don't believe me, let me know via PM and I'll send you a video with my 360 and my username

darthv723701d ago

Generally everything electronic has some type of timed warranty period. I can't tell you how many phones or tv's I have had to purchase again because they have broken outside of their warranty period. Is it cheaper to get them fixed or cheaper to just buy a newer unit? I guess it depends on what the situation is (item/cost).

My 27" tv of 4 years has started having visual issues. I spent close to $400 on it back then. Can't find one the same today (as tech changes) so I spent a little more ($650) for a nice big 42" plasma. I could try having my old one fixed but it isnt worth it. A 360 that dies within its warranty period can be fixed. Same with any other electronic device.

You shouldnt chastise MS for your 360 breaking. Even if it did RROD, simply because it lasted longer than the naysayers said it would. If MS hadnt done this and just stuck to the regular warranty period they would be no different than Sony. I had to pay to have 2 ps2's repaired just shy of a year on each.

Launch time the system cost $400. Now you can get a newer model with updated features for half that. Revisions to products happen all the time but there is no reason to get upset if they come out with a newer model for less a year or two down the road.

ukilnme3701d ago

@ Dark_Vendetta

Sorry to hear about your 360. It has a happened to a few people I know as well. Two of them gave up and bought a PS3. The other was pissed at MS but got another 360 because of the games and the investment and he has no regrets about it. Good luck with your decision, you can't go wrong either way.

Xbox Live: ukilnme
PSN: ukilnme2

JasonPC360PS3Wii3701d ago

Dark_Vendetta some of us who have been here long enough know your a PS3 fan. Now stop with the lies, you have done this same BS before.

OOG3700d ago

Thats why you buy extended warranties...instead of actn like a fool....

Jeez most of my electronics have extended warranties on them or their parts.......Xbox 360, PS3, TV, Computer Parts, etc etc

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timmyrulz3701d ago

See now im all confused darn it, i keep on reading posts about how this and that will be the death of the x360 and how its been the year of the ps3, some one please explain?

Xbox Street Gang3701d ago

PS3- January- September PS3>> 360

360- September- December 360>> PS3

PS3 wins easily

Bl00dVayn33701d ago

So, what you just pointed out is the PS3 moved more consoles during the slow time of the year when the fewest consoles get moved, but the 360 is moving more during the critical and VERY busy holiday season when most consoles are sold...... Thanks for pointing this out! Good Job!

lowcarb3701d ago

PS3 was winning during the slow season for crying out loud and actually lost a couple of months in there to 360 before september. Just get over your bad frustrated morning and deal with the fact that 360 gaining more and more momentum. This year is going to belong to 360 in both hardware and software just like next if Sony doesn't do something major.

Xbox Street Gang3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Very true. Then again, it's not hard to give things away...

Kill Crow3701d ago

best spin of the year goes to:

xbox street gang

- for suggesting firms trying to turn a profit in this cut throat industry are more insterested in the number of months a product was popular, and not the total number of units sold.

Bravo !!!

Bl00dVayn33701d ago

Seriously dude, MS is getting their console into consumers houses, AND they are still making a profit on every 360 they sell now. I think that is the hole idea behind selling consoles, and right now, MS is doing a pretty good job of doing it. The funny thing is I own both the 360 and the PS3, but yet my PS3 only gets turned on when I am watching movies..... how strange is that?

ChampIDC3701d ago

Even if the PS3 sells more than the 360 overall this year, they still have ground to make up due to the 360 launching a year earlier. At the rate it's going at the moment, the PS3 won't be catching up for a while. Sony really needs a price cut to push their console.

Tarasque3701d ago

HAHAHAHAH, man that was so funny i will have to.....take a bubble for that.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3701d ago

When the PS3 outsold the 360 in those months, it was only by 5 to 10 thousand. When the 360 outsells the PS3, it's about 100 to 400 thousand.

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timmyrulz3701d ago

Oh ok i see, we go by number of months and not units sold deeerrrrrr silly me

Xbox Street Gang3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

It shows that there was more demand for a PS3 over a 360, all year long.

Expect the same next year...

After the price cut of course.

lowcarb3701d ago

Demand changes all of the time as in the case of this holiday season. Next year might just be the year were 360 makes a clean sweep with all the momentum is having now.

DaKid3701d ago

Demand is a function of price here is an example

demand is Q=20-2P

Now if you solve for price you get P=10-1/2Q

What this shows in economics is as price for a product falls, demand will rise.

So if each system has its own demand curve, as the price of given system falls demand will rise. So right now the 360 is selling more, but I am sure as Sony cuts the price their own demand will rise.

caliblue153701d ago

Just to give you an economics lesson, there is no such thing as demand in Economics. It is Quantity Demanded. As the Price Falls the Quantity Demanded will rise, though there is a fine like, once you go past that line, you will actually lose that quantity demanded.

Right now the Xbox 360 is at Sweetspot price point. I will say this. If the Xbox 360 did not get a price cut, would the quantity demanded be that same right now. The answer is no.

Microsoft was brilliant to cut the price right before the Holidays, and they advertise like crazy.

(Coming from a PS3 Owner. I like the 360 just hate Microsoft as a whole company, but I will never bash them for quality economics.)

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Foxgod3701d ago

smashing baby :).
Too bad this topic is filled with excuses from sony fanbois though...

ChampIDC3701d ago

Most PS3 fanboys don't want to acknowledge that their console is in third place, hence your disagrees.

But seriously, why care who's winning as long as good games keep coming out on both the 360 and PS3? We, the gamers, win when companies compete.

airheadluffy3701d ago

i completely agree with champ. who cares who is winning its not like we get money from them. all we should care about as gamers are the games. competition is a great thing it makes companies release better games.

Traveler3701d ago

I agree with both of you above me. I don't really care too much which console sells more, because I have both of them and as long as I continue to get to play great games on both systems, then I am happy. However, I do want the competition to be close, so that neither company begins to rest on their laurels.

XxZxX3700d ago

yeah I will give you the excuse your same kinds uses every time.
Same can be apply here.


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