The Evil Within on Xbox Gamepass has a FOV option and FPS mode

From the looks of it, there is another PC game that appears to be more polished than its original Steam version. That game is The Evil Within.

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iplay1up2126d ago

Cool, I own this game. I downloaded it because it came to game Pass and I never finished it. Going to play today!

JustTheFax126d ago

Good, every game should have these options

TheRealTedCruz126d ago

Good excuse to redownload.

Ravenkiss126d ago

That game is broken on Steam especially if you go higher than 1080p, so I'll give it another try but on Game Pass :)

Tacoboto126d ago

I saw on GAF or Resetera that Nier is also updated on Game Pass PC compared to the Steam version.

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